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Big news! Datasolution acquires acidgreen

We are thrilled to inform clients and partners that acidgreen has been acquired by leading international digital commerce agency, Datasolution.

Datasolution has more than 110 staff, 150 clients and offices around the globe in Paris, Lille, Nantes, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Dublin, Hong Kong and New York.

With global expertise, Datasolution has successfully delivered complex, experience-driven commerce solutions across B2B and B2C for some of the world’s leading organisations.

“I am delighted to welcome acidgreen. This acquisition allows us to consolidate our international presence. The synergies between our companies will enable us to offer even more services to all our customers. Our ambition is to support our customers in their worldwide deployment. We now cover three regions: EMEA, Americas and finally APAC, thanks to acidgreen.” says Jean-Claude Nogues, CEO, Datasolution.

This acquisition takes the merged acidgreen/Datasolution team to over 180 staff making it one of the largest and most experienced digital commerce agencies in APAC.

Mike Larcher will remain as CEO and continue to lead and grow the acidgreen team in Australia, as well as assist with global expansion.

“This merger and acquisition is exceptional news for digital commerce in Australia and all current and future acidgreen clients. We can now offer more services and have even greater capacity and capabilities to deliver, support and optimise our client’s digital commerce stores. I look forward to continuing the growth and success of acidgreen in APAC.” Mike said.

After 19 years of prosperity in Australia the acidgreen brand will remain, though now backed by an international powerhouse to help the company reach new levels of success. The addition of new team members across the globe accelerates acidgreen’s capacity to deliver superior solutions and provide world-class support to its clients.

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Acidgreen: Specialising in ecommerce Magento and style

At Acidgreen, we don’t just specialise in ecommerce Magento and digital marketing – we also know how to celebrate in style. On Tuesday our team scrubbed up to join the nation to watch the 141th Melbourne Cup at the Crows Nest Hotel.

ecommerce magento specialists

ecommerce magento specialists


Photos by Crows Nest Hotel

 We are a robust and diverse group of people who know how to fulfil your ecommerce Magento and digital marketing needs from the ground up. To learn more, speak to one of our fashionable team members today.

Acidgreen is an award winning e-commerce Magento Australia company with over 15 years of  industry experience. Our certified magento developers and designers are highly qualified to create aesthetically pleasing magento websites – that generate the highest amount of conversions and provide the best ROI. Look no further and get started with Acidgreen!  

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Acidgreen x CommerceConnect PIM

Acidgreen is happy to announce it’s partnership with CommerceConnect. CommerceConnect is an Omni-channel platform which allows you to share your product data intelligently with all your channels. It supports various eCommerce platforms, including Magento which is perfect for Acidgreen’s existing and future clients.


CommerceConnect features the following:

A one-stop cloud solution

CommerceConnect is a cloud-based solution, bringing together advanced PIM and omni-channel publishing tools for retailers, manufacturers and distributors to manage, enrich and publish product information.

End-to-end data integration

This platform allows end-to-end data integration with back-end systems across your supply chain, providing seamless connectivity with ERP/POS, WMS, CMS and more to guarantee data consistency.

Fast on-boarding to new channels

It offers up plug-in connectivity with leading eCommerce platforms such as Magento, online marketplaces, affiliates and shopping comparison sites to simplify on-boarding.

Simplified channel management

CommerceConnect can map category and attribute data to accommodate the specific requirements of individual channels. This way, you will have access to consistent data which will aid in building up brand confidence. You can also specify different categorisation, pricing, inventory and listening rules for each online channel to create powerful customised product offers and promotions.

Think CommerceConnect right for you?

Acidgreen is a Magento Gold Partner, certified web development company and eCommerce experts. As we have partnered up with CommerceConnect, we can extensively answer all your questions as well as assist with implementation. Talk to us today!

Acidgreen is an award winning Magento Australia company with over 15 years of  e-commerce experience. Our certified magento developers and designers are highly qualified to deliver Magento store development results that generate the highest amount of conversions and provide the best ROI. For more information on our Magento ecommerce stores and commerce expertise and how to get started with Acidgreen’s magento design  and development services, contact us today.