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Mirakl launches connector to Magento

Marketplace solutions provider Mirakl, has been powering the platform economy by providing the technology and partner ecosystem needed to launch an eCommerce marketplace since 2012. The French company developed Mirakl Marketplace B2B to help distributors and manufacturers create their own online marketplaces.

The Mirakl Marketplace Platform automates the hard things: Seller on-boarding, product data management, service quality control, and order distribution; on an API-based solution that’s modular and easy to integrate.

Mirakl is built on modular service-oriented architecture. It offers the ability to add a marketplace to any existing e-commerce site. Mirakl is a back office solution only. For a functioning e-commerce, you will need a frontend (webshop) such as Magento.

Recently, the marketplace solutions provider, announced the availability of a new Mirakl connector that will help their customers, and sellers, achieve even more success with Mirakl. The Mirakl Connector for Magento Marketplace Sellers will now allow brands, retailers, and distributors who use Magento Commerce to easily sell products across Mirakl marketplaces and manage operations from one central place.

Features of the connector include:

  • Connect to multiple marketplaces powered by Mirakl
  • Manage operations from one single place, the Magento Commerce engine
  • Create listings and export products to the marketplace
  • Automate price & stock updates
    Unify order management for all eCommerce and marketplace orders from the Magento Back-Office
  • Manage the entire order workflow including shipment updates
  • Handle customer service inquiries and messages on orders
  • Streamline workflows with configurable cron jobs
  • Interface available in both French and English
  • Detailed documentation and video tutorials

The Mirakl Connector for Magento Marketplace Sellers can be used by any business that is registered on a marketplace powered by Mirakl.

If you’d like a proposal or more informational on developing a Mirakl marketplace, contact us here.