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Magento Website Development | The popular choice

18 August 2015

Magento Website Development | The popular choice


Magento Ecommerce

Ecommerce sites used to be an investment that only large online enterprise corporations could afford. As more and more consumers purchase online, retailers continue to see declines in store visits - therefore its becoming imperative that they build their ecommerce presence and try to take back the market share. While there are great platforms out there that combine hosting, ease-of-use, service and even point of sales systems, the vast majority of high inventory sellers have implemented Magento website development platform as their e-commerce Content Management System (CMS) due to its powerful functionality.

What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source content management system for e-commerce web sites (Magento CMS), empowering over 200,000 online retailers to date and chosen by 1 in every 4 online businesses. Offering powerful and flexible features, Magento's intuitive administration interface provides advanced marketing, search engine optimisation and catalogue-management tools to control the look, content and functionality of every retailer's unique business requirements. Magento website development is designed to be completely scalable and offers optimal performance as a platform to successfully advertise your products and dramatically increase the shopping experience of your customers. There are current two distinct platforms readily available for you, depending on your need:

Magento Community Edition 

Fitted with a bundle of features, Magento Community Edition is open for anyone to modify the core system and developers can implement the core files and extend its functionality by adding new plug-in modules provided by other developers. It is designed to be a basic platform for your company. This has been a widely popular choice by many start-up online stores due to its service, design, development and integrating resources.

Magento Enterprise Edition 

A derivative of the Community Edition, it provides the same core files but allows more features and overall functionality. This is designed for large and expansive businesses that requires more technical support with installation, usage, configuration and troubleshooting.


Why choose Magento:

1. Versatile Content Management

As Magento website development is an open-source platform, it's intuitive and visual based page editor allows shop owners to build and customise their website to cater to their needs and vision for the image of the company. Magento has a wide array of extensions and layouts that is limitless in customisability, giving you complete freedom and control. Furthermore, it also enables marketing and promotional tools to be established and used, such as discount codes and membership support. Many well established companies have acknowledging this powerful characteristic of Magento and have used this to power their ecommerce websites, such as Nike, Ford, Samsung and Lenovo.

2. Responsive design

The Magento development platform specialises in responsive design for mobile commerce, allowing your website to be seamlessly viewable on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. This will create a powerful shopping experience for your customers and increase the chances of them leaving your site with a couple of purchase transactions.

3. Powerful and spacious platform gives room for growth

Magento offers flexible functionality in order to meet all your unique needs and have the adaptability to grow alongside your company. Magento can host up to 500 000 products on one site and can handle 80 000 orders per hour - needless to say, you won't ever have to worry about your business outgrowing your CMS platform.

4. Analytics and reporting features assist with organisation

Integrated with google analytics, Magento is the perfect administration platform for all your behind the scenes numbers. By analysing all your data, it delivers accurate sales reports which you can use to evaluate your profit on a periodic basis. This is a critical element to any business - not only do you need a CMS that allows you to create a flawless ecommerce environment for your audience, but you need one that accommodates frequent assessment to further improve your company.


5. #1 Priority for your customer

As a CMS that is specifically designed for e-commerce usage, there are several features that help to enhance this functionality. Components such as one-step check out processes, flexible customer accounts, filtered products based on multiple parameters or customer service capabilities such as live chat and contact forms all work towards an immaculate system that will only shine a positive light on you as a consumer oriented company.


6. International-friendly

The world wide web has opened up a thousand doors and pathways for online shopping - suddenly customers aren't just limited to your geographical area and you may find that your most loyal customers are situated on the other side of the world. Due to this fact, it's important that your site is international friendly and supports customers on a global scale. Elements such as language alternatives, conversation rates and multiple payment gateways are all options that Magento provides, available for not only your customer's convenience, but for yours as well. In addition to this, Magento Developers  are increasing in numbers therefore it is much easier to find developers who can create and/or  enhance your Magento website.


7. Multiple storefront management

If your company has more than one online store, Magento is the CMS for you. As a powerful e-commerce platform, it has the capability to run multiple online storefronts from a single dashboard. Gone are the days where you are required to have a separate dashboard for each company - the amount of time and energy you will save by centralising your commerce work is astronomical.


Acidgreen is an award-winning IT and digital marketing agency with over 15 years of experience within the web development sector. We house professionally trained experts who are specifically qualified to work with Magento and create the perfect shopping experience for your customers. For more information on how to get started with acidgreen, contact us today.

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