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Magento Enterprise Development: The forefront of E-Commerce

20 October 2015

Magento Enterprise Development: The forefront of E-Commerce


Magento Ecommerce

The most salient element of today’s technological boom is the ability to provide customers with a digitalised store where they can browse and complete transactions at their own convenience. This essentially means there is a growing pressure for stores to be strongly digitally equipped – often at times a company’s success is determined how well they can cater for their online customers and how seamless their experience is when completing digital transactions.  One particular name that is increasingly gaining mass popularity and altering what it means to be a successful e-commerce business is Magento Enterprise Development Edition. Recently setting the benchmark for eCommerce, it’s a platform trusted by over 240,000 merchants worldwide, all for a good reason.

The ultimate goal for any online merchant is to increase their return on investment (ROI) and profits. Magento Enterprise provides a combination of the best features, modules and functionality that have collectively helped power the best platform for ecommerce websites and achieve this goal in a seamless manner. Furthermore, this edition was created with entrepreneurs in mind, allowing it to be a highly fruitful solution for even start-up businesses. Flexible, scalable, secure, fully-fledged and feature-rich, this is the perfect tool for anyone looking for a platform to ensure guarantee business success and growth.

Why should you choose Magento Enterprise Development?

Although there is an abundance of online options to start up e-commerce shopping websites for your customers, Magento Enterprise Development Edition comes with the insurance that you will achieve business growth beyond expectations. The following Magento Enterprise Features are just a few reasons why you should choose Magento Enterprise as your E-Commerce platform:

Secure e-commerce stores and payments.

Sensitive information security is a major element customers consider when turning to online purchasing – often it’s a deterrence from transitioning to digital transactions in fear of their credit card details being stolen by malicious third party hosts. Magento Enterprise Development provides an ultra secure magento commerce store as well as payment methods. This is due to the fact that it is compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, so you know you’re getting value for your money.

Default Solr Search available

Solr search ensures that customers have the ease of finding their desired product without any difficulty by providing a relevancy-based search. This essentially means that although the user may not directly input the exact word, it won’t be hard for them to find what they were looking for in the list of suggestions that are most relevant to the word that was searched.

Full Page Caching and Faster Re-indexing

One of the expectations and mandating requirements of an e-Commerce story is the ability to quickly load the pages to appease your customers and keep their attention.  Magento Enterprise Development provides users with full page caching instead of collating the page dynamically while loading. This decreases the loading time as well as the bounce rate, creating a uniform shopping experience for your customers. In addition, it’s fast re-indexing simply means that adding new products or categories in the database don’t disrupt the flow – this aids in testing of new modules or tailoring the store according to your needs without causing disruptions in the running of your magento websites store.

It’s a trustworthy partner for unique development needs

Magento Enterprise Development Edition gives you an abundance of customisable options available at your fingertips. Modification doesn’t get more free than this eCommerce platform, with an array of tools and extensions that will assist you to build an eStore tailored to your business needs. Being a highly scalable and flexible tool equips yourself with the latest integrated functionalities for your magento website store, guaranteeing a gold class experience for your customers. This benchmark extends further as Magento goes mobile to cater for the smartphone movement, opening the doors to better customer reach and multi-device approach when utilising this software.

Custom Coupons, Reviews and Awards

Magento Enterprise Development understands the priority of customer retention, hence why it has integrated store rewards and customer coupons for not only your customer’s delight, but your own. With this add on, not only do you increase the amount of loyal customers but also lifts the chances of your brand getting social media coverage and recognition.


Acidgreen is an award winning Digital Marketing Agency and one of the first official Magento Solution Partners with proven experience - successfully delivering the Magento Enterprise Edition. With over 15 years e-commerce experience, our certified magento developers are highly qualified to create web stores that generate the highest amount of conversions and provide the best ROI. For more information on Magneto Enterprise Development Edition and how to get started with acidgreen, contact us today.

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