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How to Choose the Best Magento Partners for Your Business

01 June 2015

How to Choose the Best Magento Partners for Your Business


Magento Ecommerce

With nearly 30% of Ecommerce stores using Magento, the only decision you have to make is in selecting the right Magento Partners, to help you create your own online store.

Magento is the fastest growing Ecommerce Platform in the world and is the preferred provider for medium to large online businesses with an annual turnover of $25 Million to $75 Million. Knowing these figures, it only makes sense to go with a platform that is so popular and was designed specifically for Ecommerce stores.

After all, if Magento is good enough for 34 of the IR Top 500 companies, then it can bring a lot to the table for your business.

So once you have made the decision to create your Ecommerce site using Magento or even upgrade your current online store with the Magento CMS, you need to decide whether to go it alone or to collaborate with Magento Ecommerce developers.

This decision really depends on the size of your business and how much knowledge you have in creating a customised Ecommerce store. Magento itself has a very user-friendly admin area and it doesn’t take long to have a site up and running.

There is also plenty of help from the vast online community of Magento Ecommerce developers, who help to develop new extensions and tweak current Magento apps. If you are serious about building your online presence however, and ramping up your share of the Ecommerce marketplace, then the best course of action is to find Magento Partners who can help to put your ideas into action.

Build a brilliant Ecommerce store with certified Magento Ecommerce developers

If you are ready to design a Magento Ecommerce store for your business, then finding the right developers to work with is an important first step in the design process. Here are a few thoughts on how to sort the wood from the chaff in the developer world:

How much experience with Magento do they have? There is no point in signing up with a newbie who has no prior experience creating Magento Ecommerce stores. At the very least, anyone learning to implement Magneto should be teamed up with an experienced developer who overseas your project.

So be sure to check out their website portfolio, selecting sites that interest you and dig a bit deeper into how these sites function online. Testimonials from current clients are always good to read and can give you more insight into the expertise of the digital company.

To become a Magento Partner, a digital company has to actually apply through an associates program and demonstrate that they are capable and experienced enough to promote Magento in the marketplace. So make sure that they are certified Magento Partners, before you sign on the dotted line.

What is their pricing structure? This is a biggie and depending on the size of your business, can make or break your business goals. Once you understand how easy to use and customer friendly Magento really is and how having a professionally designed Ecommerce site with all the bells and whistles can potentially sky rocket your sales, you realise that the return on your investment will pay for itself in spades.

So be sure to address the issue of costs with your potential Magento Ecommerce developers and ask whether they charge by the hour or by the project. Also, ask about the costs of ongoing support, because some developers may not include this service in their development costs. Finding out that you have to pay extra for ongoing support can come as a nasty shock when your new site is already up and running.

Do you feel comfortable with the developers? Everyone has different personalities, so if you don’t gel with your potential Magento Partners, then maintaining a long term and productive relationship is not going to happen.

So make sure that you can work together well and also that they respond to your questions reasonably promptly, that they are clear in their communications and that they listen to what you have to say and take your ideas and opinions into consideration.

Are there any additional costs? You want all of your costs upfront before you sign up, so ask about any licencing fees, software licences and the actual cost of Magento Enterprise (EE). Another costing to ask about is for hosting, as the normal run of the mill shared hosting will not do for Magento.

Magento is well known to be a fast and robust CMS, but it does require a lot of bandwidth. So at the very least you need a dedicated server and depending on the size of your website and your traffic, you may need multiple dedicated servers or a cluster hosting environment.

Remember that different developers will quote you different process, so make sure to do your homework and don’t just accept the lowest offer. As a business owner, you already understand that you get what you pay for, so do some due diligence and make the right decision for your business.

Magento Ecommerce developers help expand your online business

Magento Ecommerce developers are the ultimate resource for expanding and growing your business online. Creating an online store is fairly easy, regardless of the CMS used, but designing and implementing a great Ecommerce store is an entirely different matter.

Expanding your business online comes down to three areas, all of which you have to nail – traffic, a user-friendly website and the right products.

As a business owner, you already have the products aspect of your business covered and traffic can be generated in many ways, including online promotions, Google AdWords and organic traffic. The lynchpin however, is having a website that people like to visit, is easy to navigate, is visually well designed and pleasing on the eye and has a streamlined shopping cart facility.

Magento provides all of this functionality and a lot more, but it takes an experienced Magento Ecommerce developer to put it all together in such a way as your website truly reflects your business ethics. If consumers like your site they will return again and again - so designing, creating and implementing your online store requires experienced Magento Partners who will help to expand your business online.

Magento Ecommerce developers create an ideal Ecommerce solution for online stores

So if you are ready to create your Ecommerce store or even redesign and upgrade your current online shop, give some serious consideration to leveraging the power and flexibility of Magento.

Magento not only helps you to attract new customers, but to present an optimised, professional and user-friendly online presence to your customers. Everything you need to create a unique and extraordinary Ecommerce site is provided by Magento, which has been specifically designed to power online stores.

All you need is to add a Magento Partner to the mix and you have the ideal solution for your next Ecommerce website.

We all know that the competition in the marketplace is fierce and in this dog eat dog world, where consumers are judicious in parting with their hard earned dollars, increasing your share of the online shopping market can be a heavy road to tread alone.

You need to make use of every single advantage that comes your way, to give your business a competitive edge. A Magento Ecommerce website gives you the opportunity to excel online and leap one step ahead of the competition.

Why should you choose Acidgreen as your Magento Partner?

Well, without blowing our own horn too much, we are simply your best option in the Magento world. We were one of the first digital companies in Australia to recognise the potential of Magento and have been fully certified Magento Partners for so many years - we have lost count.

The experience and the skills that we have built up over the years, by working and collaborating with a wide range of top level clients, has been enormous and we bring all of that expertise to every single Magento project.

Whatever your design ideas, we listen and discuss them all with you. After so many years we know what does and doesn’t work, so we give you the benefit of our experience by guiding the design process to a point where your ideas are completely fulfilled.

Your Ecommerce site will be a reflection of your business ideals and your philosophy and will be a faithful representation of your design ideas. Not only will you have the best Ecommerce site possible for your business, but your Magento site will be fully functional, with all the bells and whistles you need to grow your business online.

Once your new website is up and running, you will wonder why you didn’t take the plunge into Magento years ago. However, at long last you will finally have a customised, professional and easy to use, mobile friendly Ecommerce site for your business.

As professional and highly qualified Magento Ecommerce developers we are more than happy to chat with you about your business needs. So please feel free to call us on 1300 139 658, email us at [email protected] or complete our online enquiry form – whichever works best for you.

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