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20 Solid Reasons to Choose Magento eCommerce Website Design for Your Online Business

31 May 2015

20 Solid Reasons to Choose Magento eCommerce Website Design for Your Online Business


Magento Ecommerce

What is Magento and what does Magento eCommerce Website Design mean to your Ecommerce business? The answer is pretty straightforward, because Magneto is the fastest growing Ecommerce CMS in the world and has the potential to substantially increase your online sales.

Without a doubt, online shopping is here to stay and is growing rapidly each year. In the US alone, Americans are expected to spend $279 billion online in 2015, up 10% on the previous year, whilst Australians spent nearly $17 billion in 2014, up 11% from 2013.

Reasons to Choose Magento eCommerce Development for your online business

Looking at these statistics, it is fair to say that online shopping is a growing industry, so the CMS you select to underpin your online presence is vital to the success of your business. Select the wrong CMS and you could be losing sales hand over fist.

This is one of the reasons why the Magento Platform has become so popular, because it offers reliability, flexibility and a high performance and robust platform for Ecommerce websites.

If you are considering establishing an Ecommerce site online or investigating your redesign options, there are some really solid reasons why a Magneto Ecommerce platform should be your first and only choice.

Advantages of using a Magento Website Development CMS for Ecommerce websites

The Magento Ecommerce Platform was specifically designed to overcome the challenges faced by Ecommerce sites. The main issues for online stores has always been the need for a simple to use CMS, easy integration with third party apps and a platform that is highly scalable.

A Magento Platform delivers all of this and much more.

1. Magento was designed specifically as a CMS for Ecommerce websites: Other CMSs can certainly be modified and used as an Ecommerce platform, but there are always lingering issues with app integrations and conflicts with plugins. Magento on the other hand, makes building and managing your Ecommerce site simple and trouble free.

2. Highly scalable and flexible: A Magneto Platform can easily handle more than 80,000 transactions per hour and support up to half a million products on one site. This means that your CMS can expand or contract as your business changes, ramping up for peak buying seasons and holiday periods.

3. Magento supports multiple websites: With Magento’s multi-website capability, you can manage all of your catalogues and inventories from one centralised, easy to use admin area – with one Magento installation. For international retailers with multiple stores in different languages or domestic retailers with websites offering different products or services, this dramatically reduces the complexity of managing more than one linked Ecommerce store.

4. Upsells and cross-sells are built in: Prompting buyers to browse related products has been shown to not only enhance a user’s experience with online shopping, but also to increase online profits. This is one of the areas where the Magento Development process shines, because Magento has these powerful functionalities already built into its admin area, making it simple to add these features to your product pages.

5. Easy integration with third party apps: Ecommerce stores require a complex array of third party apps, all of which enable them to offer a complete shopping experience to consumers. Apps such as Mail Chimp, Google Shopping and EBay are easily integrated with Magento, as are payment gateways such as PayPal and credit card facilities, as well as options to track shipments.

6. Mobile-friendly configuration: In the past 12 months, nearly 50% of Australians used their mobile phones to shop online and in the USA, 29% of all Ecommerce transactions were completed using a mobile device. Add to these statistics the fact that Google now actively promotes mobile-friendly websites and you can understand why it is vital to have a shopping cart solution and online shop that displays correctly on all mobile devices.

7. Advanced SEO options: SEO is an essential component in ranking websites and as Magneto was designed specifically for online shops, it provides user-friendly SEO options. Using the Magento Development process, you can easily use keyword rich permalinks, optimised for search engines and write customised Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for each individual product.

8. Fast loading speeds: Google likes websites that load fast, in fact consumers also like fast loading sites. So with an in-built engine that speeds up your site’s loading times and a back-end that is designed to be search engine friendly, it is easy to understand why the Magento Ecommerce Platform is a popular choice for online stores.

9. Dynamic search features: Magento has a dynamic search facility that allows consumers to search your online store using filters based on a large range of parameters, as well as auto-suggestions. This makes your website look very professional, very user-friendly and enhances the user’s experience.

10. In-built security measures: With the increase in hacking we have seen over the past few years, it is imperative that your Ecommerce site is fully protected against any malicious attacks. Magento has this area covered as well, because it offers multiple layers of security protection, all of which can be customised to your situation. You have PCI Data Security, CAPTCHA login screens and a secondary password facility.

11. Magento is open source: This means that it doesn’t cost you a cent to download Magenta and create a very professional and user-friendly Ecommerce website. You can also purchase an enterprise level version, it all depends on the size of your business and whether or not you want the assistance of a Magento Solutions Partner to help propel your online business forward.

12. No locked in hosting contracts: Many other Ecommerce options, lock you into their hosting platforms as well, however since Magento is open-source, you are free to choose your own hosting account. As you know, the choice of hosting is vital to delivering a consistent and reliable experience to consumers, so the ability to select your own hosting account is an added bonus with Magento.

13. Plenty of community help: If you decide to go it alone and develop your own Magento Ecommerce Platform, then there is plenty of online help available from the Magento community. Both developers and programmers, as well as more experienced users, are all avid promotors of Magneto Development and as such, are very resourceful and open to helping less knowledgeable users.

14. Advanced stock management: With multiple websites, Magento gives you the power to manage all of your stock inventories at once. You can instantly see your available stock levels for each website or country, automatically assign orders to different warehouses, and increase or decrease stock levels in different locations. The Magento Platform is a one-stop, easy to use CMS for Ecommerce websites.

15. Thousands of extensions are available: Customising your Ecommerce store is simple with the many thousands of extensions available for the Magento Platform. Options include a one-step checkout solution, a gift card facility, social logins, an auction feature and an in store pick-up options, just to name a few.

16. Easily integrated with Google Analytics: Automatically manage and generate as many reports as you require, covering sales, shopping carts and customer demographics. Use filters to determine which days of the week or time of day produce the most sales, fine tune your AdWords campaigns, check out bounce rates and average time spent on your site, and so much more.

17. Easily updated and customised: With the ever changing market place coupled with changing consumer attitudes, being able to easily update and customise your Ecommerce site, to better reflect these changes, is a simple and cost-effective strategy that keeps your business ahead of the competition.

18. Customised and easy to use shopping carts: There is nothing more likely to turn customers away than a confusing and difficult to use shopping card process. Since Magento was designed specifically for Ecommerce websites, their check-out process is flawless, meaning that the percentage of abandoned shopping carts is dramatically reduced when you use a Magento Ecommerce Platform.

19. Enhance marketing options: With Magento, you have an easy interface for creating promotional campaigns, holding private sales, offering discount coupons, creating limited time offers, multi-tier pricing and bundled products. All of these are proven ways to increase traffic and conversions on Ecommerce websites.

20. Live currency updates: If you are selling your products or services around the world, a nice touch is to display your prices in the major currencies. Magento makes it easy to display up-to-date prices with their live currency extension. Linked directly to WebServiceX, your prices will change automatically as the exchange rates fluctuate.

Magento is the fastest growing Ecommerce Platform provider

In 2014, Magento was identified as the fastest growing Ecommerce Platform on the IR Top 500 List. Joining both IBM and Oracle in the top 3 provider placements, Magento has doubled the number of merchants on the IR List, who use the Magento Development Platform for their online enterprises.

In fact, the IR List goes on to say that Magento is now the preferred platform for online businesses that have annual online sales of between $25 Million to $75 Million.

Acidgreen is not only one the first Magento Solutions Partners in Australia, but we are also an award winning full service digital agency. As a Magento Website Development Company, we offer our clients a full range of services from online marketing solutions, website development, UX and web design, as well as Magento Ecommerce design, technology and support.

If you are ready to move your Ecommerce site to the Magento Development World, feel free to call us on 1300 139 658, email us at [email protected] or complete our online enquiry form. We look forward to introducing you to the most advanced and fastest growing Ecommerce Platform available today.

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