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  • 17 August 2021
  • Magento Ecommerce
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Magento Developer

Magento Developer

Existing in an extremely digital society means it is imperative that businesses have an effective online presence. Not only does a website allow customer accessibility, but also expands audience reach thus increasing business success and overall profit.

Existing in an extremely digital society means it is imperative that businesses have an effective online presence. Not only does a website allow customer accessibility, but also expands audience reach thus increasing business success and overall profit.  However in order to give your customers a first-class experience with your company in the online world, choosing the right platform is critical.

Magento is a leading open-source management system specifically for e-commerce websites and can be custom tailored to your needs. With major global companies such as Samsung and Nike utilising this platform, it’s easy to see the high quality level Magento websites aim to meet or exceed.

In saying so, although it is a very powerful tool, the ability to properly operate the software is better off in the hands of certified Magento developers.  Employing a dedicated partner or team specifically working for the development of your website not only ensures you are stress free from technical issues, but you also have a guaranteed quality assurance.

Acidgreen is an award-winning digital marketing agency and one of the first Magento development partners in Australia. As a company, we are devoted to making sure our clients receive high-end quality treatment with our qualified and certified Magento developer team, working to the best of their ability to cater to your every need.

In order to help make sure acidgreen is the Magento developement company for you, here are a few assurances that will certify your business is getting the professional care it needs:


1. Our educational and professional background certifies us. 

Magento developers need to come with degrees in Computer Science or Information Technology as well as be highly skilled in Magento website programming to be a successful candidate. The amount of years they have spent in the field must also be taken into consideration as it can determine the quality of their work. If they don’t seem to be qualified within the field, most likely they would not be able to deliver to the essential standard you need. Within acidgreen, we ensure our employees have the right qualifications and senior experience needed to represent the company to their fullest capacity.


2. Our extensive portfolio is distinguishable.

Looking at the developer’s past work and clients will give a good reflection in regards to the level of professionalism and quality they put into their work. acidgreen’s extensive client database, including D-link, Princess Polly, Paddy Pallin, Bing Lee and Yahama (just to name a few) are only a partial reflection of how well received we are in terms of variety, something that other Magento developers may not be able to present.


3. Creative attributes is a given.

Although they may have the right experience and qualifications, your developer needs be ready to offer cutting-edge suggestions and ideas. The purpose of hiring your own Magento developer is to oversee your website programming without you needing to micro-manage. At acidgreen, we are trained to work in an independent manner yet tailored to your specific requirements on both a business and creative perspective. This guarantee will leave you with a remarkable website to represent your company with little hassle from your end.


4. Communication is our ethos.

 In order for your website to retain the image and functionality you desire, communication plays a vital role when choosing a reliable Magento developer. The overall outcome of your website will never be achieved if there is little to no communication involved. At acidgreen, we believe the customer’s needs are of the highest importance, thus making sure our employees possess strong interpersonal skills in order to balance being a listener and a questioner. This ensures that we deliver the perfect overall image of the needs of our clients.


 5. We don’t settle

 Get what you deserve – it is imperative you keep high quality of work in your sight. Developers who advertise cheap rates to look after Magento websites may seem tempting, but it will cost you more in the long run if the work isn’t delivered to the professional standard you were expecting. acidgreen provides competitive premium rates for websites that will mirror what you pay for. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


 6. With more services, we’re more useful.

Successful Magento developers will provide SEO friendly services, thus being able to not only take care of web development, but help cater to company marketing, visibility, traffic and conversion rates which is just as important as the website itself. Our team at acidgreen includes online marketing specialists trained in writing online content that accommodates an increase in user presence. No need to employ a separate person for this role – let us take care of it. Less work for you means less stress for you!


7.  Ongoing technical support is available at your fingertips.

 Web development is not a one-time procedure. We understand that your websites need constant maintenance to combat any glitches that would impair you as a company on your online platforms. Therefore, acidgreen offers a satisfying client experience by making sure we have ongoing assistance available to ensure uptime and performance. We will also do our very best to make sure situations are rectified as quickly as possible as well as executing follow up checks to ensure that it is not a repetitive incident.

For more information on how our Acidgreen Magento developer team can assist your business, simply contact us today.

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