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  • 15 August 2021
  • Magento Ecommerce
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Magento e-Commerce Sites: It's Showcase time


Magento e-Commerce Sites: It's Showcase time

Magento has now risen to be the preferred e-commerce platform for many high profile brands around the world - and for a good reason.

Magento has now risen to be the preferred e-commerce platform for many high profile brands around the world - and for a good reason. It's flexible and robust features enable the production of a website that can cater to any company's needs and wants. Below are just a few examples of Magento sites to showcase how versatile Magento commerce sites can be:

Presenting the Magento e-Commerce Sites:

The North Face

As if their photos aren't aesthetically appealing enough, their ability to customise filters on their category pages, along with the colour and size selection feature on the product page makes it much easier to browse their collection.

Lindt La Boutique

A globally accoladed chocolate brand needs an appropriate platform to provide an even richer immersive experience with their chocolate imagery, and what better way to showcase this than join the Magento e-commerce sites crew. Their easy navigation bar, bold, eye catching home page images and easy product selection is a great example of the extendability of the Magento platform and its ability to incorporate various features in the one area without the cluttered and messy look.

DC Shoes

DC Shoes is probably one of the better examples of a stunning, purpose built Magento theme, having complete customisation control to capture the essence of the skate brand. Innovative features such as the swatch option hover on products to show the different colours available immediately is a show stopper, enticing shoppers to stay.  Skaterheads also don't have to worry about an over complicated check out process as Magento offers the One Step Checkout feature, which converts the default 5 steps to one easy page, making it easier to checkout and reducing cart abandonment.

Men's Health Store

The Men's Health Magento shop ties in seamlessly with the physical magazine, promoting the same products on a digital alternative. It's clean yet effective layout creates a pleasing-to-the-eye greeting for all customers, with an easy to use navigation car to make it easy to find what you need.


Magento e-commerce sites are perfect for simplifying complex shopping as much as possible - even as complex as customising your next ride. The custom My Vehicle on Ford's Magento website allows you to easily drill down and find products specifically for your car model and year.


A pretty brand requires a pretty website - Jeanswest features a great "Quick Buy" option from the category pages which opens the product details in a pop up window. This allows their customers to review the product in more detail, and even add to cart without having to leave the category page. Perfect for those customers who are "just browsing, thanks."

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