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Top brands turning to Magento eCommerce platform

04 February 2016

Top brands turning to Magento eCommerce platform


Ecommerce Platforms

Magento eCommerce has undoubtably become a dominant player in the eCommerce platform sector, with $50 billion worth of merchandise moving across digital platforms from large retailers and brands to smaller boutique stores. It's open source platform designed to meet each individual vendor's needs and requirements depending on the size of the store and how they choose to display themselves online. It's enormous customisable capabilities allowing it to be reconfigured and extended accordingly, which allows online retailers to continuously stay ahead of the competition, making it an unsuprising popular choice.

Magento eCommerce advantages:

  • Multi-store operation from single admin panel:

    Magento makes it possible for its users to run several stores at one time from a single administration station

  • Flexible catalog controls:

    You can set up a specific template for a given product which will be showcased to a client differently than other products at the same time period.

  • Powerful customisation:

    Magento offers an array of options that allow infinite customisable solutions for your website.

  • SEO friendly:

    You can optimise Magento to increase your organic rankings on search engines, thus allowing you to gain more online traffic and exposure.

  • Relevant and useful extensions available:

    Magento Connect lists more than 4000 extensions for specific needs and requirements. If you thought it, they got it.

  • Premium support:

    Magento has a vast and continuously growing community of users who selflessly contribute to discussion boards, which is a huge bonus for new comers looking for comrade support.

  • Credible:

    More than 240,000 online business use Magento - skepticism towards this platform is next to non-existent.

Magento eCommerce: The big brand's choice

Above were are only some of the reasons why Magento is such an unquestionable choice when it comes to choosing a platform to trust your online store with. Many global brands have backed this eCommerce platform, with their sales being supported by this powerful tool. Below are just some of the companies who have taken Magento eCommerce under their wing:




With it's instantaneously recognisable tick, Nike is easily one of the best globally known sports wear brands.  Through their sleek, modern, magento-powered webstore, they offer their full range of products neatly categorised in a seamless user friendly manner.


Since its humble father and son establishment in 1854, Lindt has become a well-known manufacturer of luxurious chocolates. Their products are now sold in over 100 countries as well as through their international online shop. Magento allows the eCommerce store to be browsed in several different languages and flawlessly showcases it's premium chocolate range to customers all around the world.


Bing Lee


Also a client of Acidgreen's, Bing Lee specialises in selling electronics and house hold appliances from food mixers, to televisions to the latest computers and tablets. Their modern and highly visual Magento eCommerce store incorporates their vast product range in a number of different categories, supported by a powerful product search and sorting tool. This makes it easier to tackle the extensive product inventory and help customers find what they are looking for with little stress.


A shoe brand like no other, TOMS was founded by a traveller from the US who discovered children from Argentina often had to go without shoes to protect their feet. This eventuated in him starting a shoe company with a difference - for every single pair of shoes purchased, another was donated to a child in need. The company's products are easily available online thanks to Magento eCommerce, with it seamlessly combining great design, an easily browsed product range and a wealth of information about the company and the concept behind it.




Kookai is a premium women's fashion brand with an ultra-modern Magento-driven website to support its success. It allows users to browse their entire collection from a single yet highly interactive page. Users can view small item pictures, zoom in on specific areas and set a huge full-screen image as the page background for a closer look. All this is done without interrupting the browsing experience, with all options remaining visible for a quick and easy selection.


Christian Louboutin


The well known high-end supplier of shoes and accessories for both women and men allow Magento to be built with the same principles as their collection: stylish, classy and modern. Magento eCommerce's customisable nature and advanced features allow their products to be easily browsed based on multiple categories and collections, and can be filtered again through specific criterion such as size, colour and height of heel.


Acidgreen is an award winning Magento Sydney company and one of the first official Magento Partners with proven experience in successfully delivering magento development projects for top brands in Australia. With over 15 years e-commerce experience, our certified magento developers are highly qualified to create web stores that generate the highest amount of conversions and provide the best ROI. For more information on our magento website development services and how to get started with Acidgreen, contact us today.

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