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  • 17 August 2021
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Five Biggest Mobile Marketing Trends To Watch In 2017

Five Biggest Mobile Marketing Trends To Watch In 2017

What device are you reading this article from? Is it a mobile? The odds are high that you just internally answered, ‘yes’.

What device are you reading this article from?

Is it a mobile?

The odds are high that you just internally answered, ‘yes’.

A recent study released by StatCounter in October 2016, reported a record breaking figure: for the first time in history, more users surf the web from their mobile devices than they do on desktops or laptops (51.3% against 48.7%).

So, if you’re still doubting about the efficiency of mobile marketing, it’s time to wake up and smell the roses, sunshine, because mobile marketing definitely falls under the category, ‘efficient marketing’.

To get the message across, acidgreen has compiled all the most recent and relevant mobile marketing statistics to help you anticipate and organise your strategic plan for the rest of 2017 and 2018!

1. The ‘Z Generation’: More Connected Than Ever Before

On average, we will spend around “4 hours per day on our phones”

It’s undeniable that people are spending more and more time on mobiles devices. In 2016, stats showed we spent 5 hours per day on our phones. That’s 1.6 times more than we did in 2012!

If we’re to follow the predictions of emarketer, we will spend even more time on our mobiles this year, and then even MORE in 2018.

What else does this mean?

By prioritizing smartphones, we are spending less and less time on other devices such as laptops or desktops.

“68% of the smartphone owners check their phone as soon as they wake up”

Regarding Google Micro Moments, in 2015, 68% of us checked notifications within 15 minutes of waking up. But what exactly does one spend their time viewing/browsing on his/her mobile phone? How does he/she allocate time?

A closer look reveals that we spend around 8% of our time browsing the Internet and 92% navigating on different apps like Social Networks, Youtube and instant messaging apps (Flurry Mobile Study).

2. Mobiles : A Huge Opportunity For Marketing Strategy

“51% of searches and 69% of social media time in 2016 are made from a mobile”

In 2016, a record smashing 51% of searches were made from a mobile device. Regarding the ComScore’s new Cross-Platform report, 69% of social media time is spent on mobile. Young consumers especially, spend most of their time on social networks such as Instagram or Snapchat. The older generations seem to find more time to play around on professional apps such like LinkedIn.

However, Facebook is certainly the number one social network amongst all age groups, and that is exactly why it remains a high performing leader of online marketing (after Google).

“In 2016, more than three-quarters of users made a purchase on their device”

The Financial Brand revealed in early 2017 that 78% of people made a purchase on their mobile device in 2016. That is more than three-quarters of those who were surveyed.

Now, more so than ever, it is possible to have access to information, immediately at your fingertips. In any place at any time with fast browsing. What’s more, people are becoming more and more comfortable buying online. And with mobile-optimized websites which provide ergonomic and mobile-friendly designs, it’s very easy to make a purchase in just a few short minutes.

Moreover, Monetate showed that in 2016, despite the fact that conversion rates of online shoppers on smartphones were lower than those on tablets or laptops/desktops, they were on a much greater incline than any other platform.

By the end of 2015,  the conversion rate for the people who made a purchase online from a mobile device was 1.35. By the end of 2016, that number had grown to 1.55.

3. Email Marketing For Mobiles

“56% of emails are opened on a mobile device” - a fact revealed by Litmus in 2016.

According to them, among all emails that were sent (during a study), more than half of them were opened on a smartphone. This figure is very important to businesses and digital marketers alike who are trying to push their email marketing forward. Particularly, when email designs are not always especially mobile-friendly.

Emails need to be formatted with a responsive multi-platform friendly design, as past research reveals that when were optimized for mobiles (Yesmali’s mobile email report), click rates increased from up to 24%.

4. The Growth of Mobile Marketing

“In U.S, mobile ad spend is projected to grow from $33 billion in 2016 to $72 billion by 2021” - Biakelsey

Regarding the results provided by Biakelsey, the US mobile ad spend will double by 2021.

Business Insider Intelligence claims that by 2020, mobiles will represent the biggest online advertising market.

5. But How Do You Go About Strategizing Your Mobile Marketing Plan?

There are so many different ways to approach mobile marketing.

To name a few…

By creating dynamic mobile search ads, and display ads to appear on the web as well as popular Mobile Apps through platforms such as Google AdWords. If we look at the App Annie 2016 report, we can see that 900 billion hours were spent in apps in 2016. That is 150 billion hours more than 2015.

Or, try social network advertising e.g. Facebook, Instagram YouTube and Twitter. In actuality, it is projected that ads on Apps such as Facebook or Instagram will receive more clicks than ads on the web (0.58% vs. 0.23%) by the end of the year.

How can you appeal to this market?

As a matter of fact, it seems like the mobile audience is most attracted by visual content. Some bloggers even think that videos will be the trend that will dominate mobile advertising throughout 2017 and 2018.

According to DMB Adobe, “online shoppers who view demo videos are 1.81x more likely to purchase than non-viewers”, which represents a huge opportunity for brands.

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