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2016 Web Design Trends Suitable for Magento eCommerce Websites

23 February 2016

2016 Web Design Trends Suitable for Magento eCommerce Websites


Web Design

Website aesthetics is increasingly becoming a priority when it comes to eCommerce website success, and there's no question as to why. How pleasing and seamless a website looks plays a vital role in determining whether or not a user retains interest. Because of this, web development companies, such as those that offer magento eCommerce websites, must be able to keep up with the top ongoing magento website design trends which have proven to increase traffic and retention.

A new year always comes with new techniques and trends in the web design sector, however 2016 is most likely going to see a continuation of the trends introduced towards the end of 2015. Below you'll find that large visual impacts is a recurring and dominant theme - no doubt is popularity will only continue to rise.

Here are Acidgreen's 2016 Top Trends for Magento Web Designs:

Web Design Trends #1: Vertical Patterns and Scrolling

Mobile usage is only continuing to rise, with some predictions stating that it could match desktop usage this year. This has eventuated in more sites, such as Magento e-commerce websites, being design for a vertical user flow to allow the website to be aesthetically applicable regardless of what screen patrons are browsing on. Large blown-up images couples with minimal text has been a definite aesthetic winner so far.

Web Design Trends #2: Card-Style Interfaces

2015 saw the emergence of card-style interfaces, and its looking like 2016 is only going to accommodate that further. This layout allows a clean and organised user-friendly look, which is excellent for websites that have an abundance of information and links. The other bonus is that it still works across multiple screen sizes since the cards can "stack" across or down the screen that would look good for your magento online store and lead to a revenue increase for your eCommerce site.

Desktop version

Mobile Version

Web Design Trends #3 Typography

Nothing screams visual impact more than beautifully appropriate typography. The simple concept of lettering gives more room to other trendy elements, whilst simultaneously communicating the message with a highly readable and aesthetic way. This especially links to our first trending tip, with more websites accommodating for bigger images and minimal text.

Web Design Trends #4: Illustrations and Sketches

Illustrations aren't just for children's books anymore. These can bring a fun element of whimsy to a site design, and has grown in popularity when it comes to the smaller pieces of the website, such as icons and userface elements. What's especially captivating about this trend is that it introduces a connection to your viewers - when an illustration or sketch style icon appears to be hand drawn, it gives your website a personal splash and increases the likelihood of new visitors sticking around – which is why many online retail owners and web designers take this into consideration when implementing a magento design for an online store that uses the magento platform.

Web Design Trends #5: Bolder, Brighter Colour

The 80s vibe is starting to make a comeback in our website design, with big, bright colours continuing to gain popular momentum. While 2015 used more monotone designs, 2016 is starting to see a shift to vibrant colour palettes - it's easy to see how attractive it is to the eye and why this design is being used in several magento ecommerce store sites today.


Acidgreen is an award winning Magento Australian company with over 15 years of  e-commerce experience. Our certified magento developers and designers are highly qualified to create aesthetically pleasing magento websites - that generate the highest amount of conversions and provide the best ROI. For more information on our Magento Commerce  expertise and how to get started with Acidgreen’s magento development services, contact us today.

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