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Magento eCommerce Development: The unparallel retail solution

The Magento eCommerce development tool is a powerful online shopping platform and one of the most successful online retail solutions to date. It’s secret? Understands that no stores are alike, which led to its architecture foundation built on allowing the merchant to be in complete control of design and display. It offers top-of-the-range magento customisation capabilities, extensions and modules, allowing exceptional flexibility and scalability for your online magento retail store.

magento customisation

Key Benefits of Magento eCommerce Development:

The most noticeable selling points circle around the infinite amount of Magento customisation options. B offering freedom of design, businesses maximise the possibility of converting their online store visualisation into a reality with little to no creative limit frustrations. See below for the key benefits of Magento eCommerce Development:

Magento theme customisation 

A Magento theme consists of a variety of template files for the layout and skin files (CSS, Javascript etc) which is responsible for creating the look and feel of a Magento web designed website. However the capabilities of your online store isn’t limited to just these pre-made structures. Custom built themes can be created by an experienced Magento developer if required.

Magento Extension Customisation 

Magento extensions have brought a phenomenal transformation to the eCommerce industry. There are numerous extensions readily available for either free download or purchase to integrate into your magento website and further it’s functionality. If that wasn’t incentive enough, if there are no existing extensions that match the feature you want, you can request for it to be built by professional certified developers.

Magento Store Customisation 

Magento templates are one of the pinnacle selling points of the magento platform. Pre-existing static and flash layouts are there for you to choose how you want your storefront to look like. After installation, a number of different customisation options are available at your fingertips to further tweak your website for that individual and aesthetic appeal.

More reasons to choose Magento

Globally reckoned as a leading E-commerce development platform, the reasons to choose Magento to take care of your online store doesn’t stop at unlimited customisation. The platform contains unmatchable features and functions to help you provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers:

  • Delivers SEO Magento-friendly websites capable of enhancing the organic ranking of website in search engines
  • Open-source content management system that allows inexpensive merchandising the online promotion
  • Multilingual and multi-currency facility to support global customers
  • Simplified administration
  • W3C validated and semantic markups
  • Device-agnostic feature that makes it compatible to different browsers, screens and devices
  • Integration of multiple storefronts backed by single admin console

Considering this powerful structure of Magento, it comes to no surprise that a number of businesses and companies have shifted to the use of Magento Development to power their ecommerce magento store. Acidgreen have been Magento partners for six years, with in-house Magento certified developers ready to help you transform your website into a best selling hub. For more information on this platform and why it’s the best option for successful online sales, be sure to get in touch with us.

Acidgreen is an award winning Magento Australian company with over 15 years of  e-commerce experience. Our certified magento developers and designers are highly qualified to create aesthetically pleasing magento designed websites – that generate the highest amount of conversions and provide the best ROI. For more information on our Magento Commerce expertise and how to get started with Acidgreen’s magento web development services, contact us today.

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Magento software: The perfect online fashion e-commerce platform

Omni-channel e-Commerce

The fashion retail industry is a competitive marketplace and it’s essential that every company and/or brand adapt to present day online shopping trends in order to keep customers buying their products. It is rare for a company to not have their own website or Facebook page to keep connected with their shoppings – however what does distinguish the more successful ones from the rest is how user-friendly their online profile is. And more often than not, the two key features that all these successful online stores have in common is Magento software and Omni-channel e-Commerce software.

The Magento software helps create better customer experiences by enabling you to engineer different experiences for different customer categories. It is also compatible and integrated with a lot of online sites. The magento omnichannel platform allows vendors to personalise their website to suit individual needs, and it’s constant innovative upgrades keep this a continuous trait. With the competitive nature of online fashion retail sales, an enhanced Magento Commerce is very much the need of the hour to keep pace with the exponentially growing online retail industry. And with Australian online retailers expecting to enter into an international boom-period due to its weakening dollar, it only furthers this crucial need.

Why Magento Software?

Magento Software has been rising in popularity over the years, with more and more online retail giants becoming aware of it’s capabilities. Here are the three main features as to what wins retailers over to utilise this powerful platform:

Mobile friendly

Magento automatically comes with a mobile/tablet compatible function and mobile app. This is an imperative feature as more and more online shopping is happening away from computers and instead done in the little gadgets in the palm of our hand. If your website is not scalable, it can lead to very frustrated customers and thus lose hundreds of potential sales and profit.

In Store friendly

Of course, online retailing will never completely replace physical stores. The magento web design is the perfect platform as it is supported by an array of stakeholders and developers who are dedicated to making sure it functions at an optimum level. One fantastic feature is the various shipping options it supports. Not only does it provide straight-to-your-door delivery, but it also enables your customers to buy online and pick up the goods later at your physical shop if they do not wish to pay shipping costs.

Social media friendly

Social media is at the forefront of our marketing strategies and Magento software is one of the best portals for integrating different forms of social media into a single stream. If your customers log into your Magento WebPages with their social media accounts, you can provide a share option for it to be visible on their own accounts for their personal audiences to see. This will only benefit you as it increases potential customer reach.

SEO friendly

Magento supports a high SEO compatibility and will ensure your sites search engine on the platform functions smoothly and allow relevant products to be displayed accordingly.

Acidgreen is an award winning Magento Sydney company and one of the first official Magento Partners with proven experience in successfully delivering magento development projects for top brands in Australia. With over 15 years e-commerce experience, our certified magento developers are highly qualified to create web stores that generate the highest amount of conversions and provide the best ROI. For more information on our magento website development services and how to get started with Acidgreen, contact us today.


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SEO tips for creating the perfect Magento Ecommerce Store

magento ecommerce store

It takes more than just exceptional in-store customer service to achieve successful sales. The bulk of shopping has now been digitalised with more than 50% of Australians now shopping online, totaling a 12% increase from last year’s statistics. This shift in customer activity means a reconsidering which areas of shopping service and customer satisfaction should be receiving attention and financial support.

Magento has revolutionised the way you as a vendors sell online. With its abundance of features and extensions, it helps Magento ecommerce store owners present their products in an effective and aesthetically pleasing method. One of these is ensuring your magento website has a visible result when customers search for products that you happen to sell. Since most buyers believe in organic results over sponsored ads, enhancing your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the sure fire way to increase your website’s visibility. See below for our SEO tips on how to attract potential customers with ease.

Acidgreen’s SEO Tips:

#1: 301 redirects for OOS products

When a product is out of stock, it is usually removed from the list. However when customers see those products from a search engine, when usually happens is the product page gives then a 404 – Not Found error message. This can be very off-putting, especially to new customers and more often than not they will exit out of your website without having a look through it. One of our fundamental SEO tips is to instead redirect them to a different product page, which will not only will it keep the customer at bay but it will also preserve search positioning.

#2: Content blogging

Blogging is been a trending e-commerce strategy as it’s been the easiest and safest way to attract website traffic. Blogging about specific industry-related topics, guides and tutorials will undoubtably get a lot of daily visits – statistically these pages get more visits than the products themselves. However even though readers may not initially look at what you are selling, they are still being exposed to your company name which will heighten the chance of company name recall next time they are thinking of buying products relating to your website.

#3: Utilise social media

From everyone’s list of SEO tips, this is probably the most well-used one in today’s digital realm. Social media has been a phenomenon explosion for advertising and marketing and the best right hand man for your SEO. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are extraordinarily helpful to connect with your existing and potential customers alike. Not only does this help link to your website, but it is also a good method to stay connected with your patrons and provide customer support which can be publicly acknowledged.

#4: Separate your products with unique descriptions

Always write a fresh and unique description for your products, even if the only difference is a hairline. The reason being that Google Panda (the recent upgrade to Google’s search result ranking algorithm) strictly treats duplication content even it is 50%. If it’s too hard to write up a completely new description, use product images instead to avoid SEO penalties.

#5: Use original product images

Speaking of product images, use original pictures of your own products instead of stolen images from the internet. It’s very obvious when this is the case and will only hurt your credibility. Furthermore, give your images a proper title and alt tags. in order to achieve good ranks in the search engine image section.

Acidgreen is an award winning magento sydney company and a Magento Gold Partner with proven experience in successfully delivering magento development projects for top brands in Australia. With over 15 years e-commerce experience,  our certified magento ecommerce developers are highly qualified to create magento websites that generate the highest amount of conversions and provide the best ROI. For more information on our magento web development services and how to get started with Acidgreen, contact us today.