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Growth in Online Shopping: Online shopping to outstrip traditional retail

A PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) online shopping report has predicted online spending will grow at least twice as quickly as the total retail market over the next four years.

More than four-fifths of online shoppers surveyed say they will maintain or increase their online expenditure over the next year.

PWC partner Stuart Harker expects growth in online shopping will outstrip the traditional retail sector. He says there are several reasons for the continued shift to online shopping.

“Growth of the mobile smart phones and the iPad where consumers are continuing to shop anytime or anywhere,” he said.

“Consumers are continuing to look for value and our survey actually said that by far prices, range of product and convenience were probably the three main drivers of shopping online, whether it’s onshore of offshore.”

“Over the next four years we think that consumers – and what our research has shown – is that’ll continue to grow as the consumer looks for value, and they like the convenience and they like the ability to buy products from anywhere at anytime,” he said.

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