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Acidgreen launches one of Australia’s first Magento 2 sites

Acidgreen, a multi award winning digital agency, is proud to announce the launch of one of Australia’s first Magento 2 sites, featuring boutique store Classic Spirit.

Classic Spirit Magento 2

Located in Mosman, Classic Spirit aims to mix travel and style which is perfect for those wanting to remain fashionable on the move. They provide the ultimate curation in women’s clothing, fashion and accessories, allowing their customers to discover the ultimate travel capsule closet with timeless pieces that can be used in an array of looks.

Customer experience is a serious priority to Classic Spirit and valued the personal care that was displayed with anyone who walked through the door. The team behind the brand needed a website that would reflect this experience online.



In order to make this a reality, a seamless and dynamic website using the e-commerce platform giant was created, making it one of the first Magento 2 sites in Australia to exist.

Magento has been highly regarded as the top choice for medium to large company retail sites as it offers a customisable, scalable and streamlined platform for their users to enjoy. With 14% of the online retailer market using Magento, experts expect the number of Magento 2 stores to grow rapidly within the next year as Magento 1 is slowly fazed out.

Classic Spirit Magento 2

Classic Spirit becomes one of Australia's first Magento 2 sites

Having Classic Spirit representing Magento 2 sites will provide them with first class features to help them with customer retention and minimise the chances of cart abandonment, thus improving sales and success.

Acidgreen is an award winning Magento ecommerce web design development company with over 15 years of  web design experience. Our certified magento developers and designers are highly qualified to create aesthetically pleasing magento websites – that generate the highest amount of conversions and provide the best ROI. For more information on Magento 2 and how to get started with Acidgreen’s  web development services, contact us today.

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eCommerce Platform Magento vs Woocommerce

Amongst all e-commerce platforms, magento websites and WooCommerce sites are the most popular and in demand. Magento account for 29.1% of the total market share, according to Alexa’s research, with WooCommerce slightly behind at 26.5% However the source of blogger debates is which really is the better one given their tight and pretty much barely noticeable statistic difference? Both have their strengths and suitabilities for different needs and a strong backing from reputable sources: WordPress for WooCommerce and eBay for magento website design. So which one is the true leader? eCommerce platform Magento, or eCommerce platform WooCommerce? Acidgreen finds out for you.

magento agency
ecommerce platform magento

The Similarities

Open Source

To start off with, both are open source products. This basically means that the original code is freely available to anyone and can be built on or modified to create a product that works specifically for them. This also means that you already can’t go wrong with either platform. The reason Magento and WooCommerce has such a large following is because open source softwares creates an appreciation for sharing. Developers have the freedom to create and share their own versions of the software, a creative aspect that’s also worth noting and valuing. As a new business owner, this is a crucial feature as 1) the initial product is free to use so you don’t have to compromise quality over offsetting costs and 2) you’ll have an abundance of help from the community.

Unlimited customisation options.

The burning question you may have is how they make their money if they offer a free product. The answer: extensions. Mandatory extensions that you will likely need to purchase over time as your business grows in order to keep up with the influx of consumers and competitors. For instance, if you want to customise the branding of your website, you will need to purchase this ability through plugins or a developer’s time. There are options where you a company can host your open-source website – you can quickly build your online store with a few button clicks but the Catch-22 is that your customisation options are severely limited. So be sure to bear that in mind.

 The Differences

Setting Up

Starting up any business will always come with its fair share of hurdles, but you don’t want the e-commerce platform you choose to be one of them. It goes without saying that if you’re already a WordPress user and want to add an e-commerce element to your site, it makes sense to choose the e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce. You’re already set up and familiar with the interface, so you won’t have to go through the trouble of familiarising yourself with a new platform or migrate your site.


With any e-commerce platform, you want to make sure that it prioritises what you need to ensure your business attracts and keeps your customers – surefire way is to be able to showcase your products well. Shopping cart facilities, infinite product upload allowance and sort-and-categorise functions are a must for this purpose. The good news is that both Magento and WooCommerce support all these features. But when it comes to taking your website to the next level, which platform comes out winning?

Magento has the upper hand in this case. You have the ability to cross-sell, or up-sell your products, compare products, add discount codes and use an advanced filter to navigate your products. Plus, if you have more than one store, you can view them all from the same dashboard, making your job exceptionally easier.


Initially, both platforms are available for free to download, meaning you can start building your shop straight away. However it’s the features you need to pay for that really makes your site attractive, such as offering a full range of payment options other than PayPal and direct bank transfers. Here’s where the lines blur between the two platforms: WooCommerce is highly limited on these basic options and plugins you need, but magento enterprise requires you to fork out a bit of dough in order for you to properly grow your website and offer a superior shopping experience. In addition, you’ll also need to consider having either a magento agency or in-house techie to assist you with managing your magento website as it can can increasingly complicated for someone with limited coding skills.

The Verdict?

At the end of the day, you’re comparing an apple and a pear – both do the job perfectly to an extent, but it’s where you’re at with your business that the best choice becomes more apparent. If you are simply a new start up with a limited budget and staff, WooCommerce is perfect for you. It does the job of selling your product and as you grow, you can add as many customisable plugins as available to continuously build a better experience for your customer. However, a magento company is highly recommendable if you are a larger business or agency looking to bring your company to the next level, compete with e-commerce giants and come out swinging.

Acidgreen is an award winning Magento Sydney Company with over 15 years of  e-commerce experience. Our certified magento developers and designers are experts in magento web development and are highly qualified to create aesthetically pleasing magento store and websites that generate the highest amount of conversions and provide the best ROI. For more information on our magento commerce and enterprise expertise plus how to get started with Acidgreen’s Magento Development Sydney services contact us today.

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OroCommerce: The gateway for B2B companies

With the growing number of businesses representing themselves online, the Internet fundamentally creates a digital “shopping centre” for potential business-to-business partnerships. Along with the fact that B2B Online Retail will hit an estimated $12 trillion in sales worldwide by 2010, it is therefore crucial that your company’s digital presence and profile is of the highest of standards to maximise client and company interest flow. Your website’s should be a reflection of the professionalism your company holds and what people should expect from you; for example, if your website construction is dubiously messy with a lack of proper site navigation, you can reportedly come across as unscrupulous with no organisational skills and will most likely hinder any sales.

E-commerce applications have always been a valuable tool to online retail stores, which provide specific features that are necessary to running an operational online company. However B2B companies now have the chance to revolutionise their online presence and ensure that their corporate digital image entices those who enter. From the team who created the Magento ecommerce platform, they bring to you OroCommerce: an open-source application designed to represent flexibility and functionality to fit any B2B needs.

Magento ecommerce platform

No two businesses are alike, which consequently means no two websites can be alike. OroCommerce caters to this notion, providing a customisable commerce platform key that can be moulded into your business process, theme and structure. This application is designed to effortlessly integrate with existing systems such as ERP, CRM, order management and Product Information Management tools. Eliminating any conflicting application complications, OroCommerce is designed to make way for streamlined business operations and an overall better customer service experience for your business.



89% of B2B companies see a 55% increase in annual sales when adding e-commerce to their customer reach strategies. OroCommerce is an application that encourages this and designed to be the most flexible and extendible Open-Source platform with no limitations. Unlike other various e-commerce platforms, OroCommerce has been provided with specifically designed features that cater to a B2B model structure. The application aims to deliver groundbreaking set of tools for your B2B world to support best customer service experience practices. Providing these capabilities though personalisation, customisation, advanced online marketing tools and powerful internal reports, collectively helps you deliver a Business-to-Consumer to B2B buyers.


The customer B2B features mixed with a global vibrant community makes it considerably unique, with this combination also resulting in significantly lower total costs of ownershi, decreases time to market and allows companies to compete and win in this high value market. These include but are not limited to:

  • Fully personalised customer experience
  • Built-in flexible content management
  • Multiple price lists
  • Contract pricing
  • Quick order forms
  • Optimised quote-to-order flow
  • Corporate customer accounts with configurable roles, permissions and workflows
  • Reports, dashboards and data insights
  • Support for Multi-business / multi-brand websites
  • Contains responsive and mobile friendly themes.


OroCommerce still under development but be feel free to contact us for more information about the product and to be updated on when the product goes live.

Acidgreen is an award winning digital marketing agency that specialises in the Magento ecommerce platform. With a team of certified Magento developers, we ensure our clients that we provide a fully optimized magento website that is both efficient and durable for your online commerce needs.