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More than 1.3 million Australians are shopping using their mobile

With the introduction of mobile commerce (mCommerce), Australians are increasingly using their mobiles to purchase goods at the touch of a button. Australians now have the 2nd highest smartphone usage in the world (after only Singapore).

In Australia using a mobile phone to research a purchase is also becoming increasingly common. More than 84% of Australians now use their mobiles to search for goods and services in their local area. Many Australian consumers use their mobile to find retailers, compare prices, read reviews, and receive discounts.

In the future, it will become common place for consumers to use mobile devices to assist purchasing decisions. Actually, it is expected that by 2014, mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop Internet usage. More than 1.3 million Australians are now shopping using their mobile.

2012 will definitely be the year that retailers must focus on mobile users by reaching out to them across devices with a mobile optimised website.

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Usability, SEO and Marketing

Usability and SEO usually go hand in hand, with most usability guidelines very similar to SEO guidelines. In general, a site that is well laid out with a clear navigational hierarchy will be equally friendly to both users and search engine crawlers.

Usability is a measure of how easily a site can be used for all types of users. This is often an overlooked element in both site design and development. In terms of marketing, usability can be thought of as a means of designing a site so that users are given every opportunity to perform the action that is desired. During the design and development of a site, and well after, the question should always be asked: is there a clear ‘call to action’ on every page? Is every page effective in conveying the message of the business? Is every opportunity taken to convert visitors into customers?

With increasing search engine traffic, and search engines often delivering traffic to specific deeper pages, it is extremely important, from a marketing perspective, that every single page is geared towards funnelling users to pages that are most likely to have a positive outcome.

Beyond that, there are often elements of a sites design that while functional, are far from ideal in terms of marketing. These elements can include 404 error pages, redirects, dynamic URL’s, Flash, and frames.

If a product, special or other time sensitive item is no longer available, users should be given an explanation of what happened and presented with as much of the sites functionality as possible. For instance, if a user intended to access a site, it is important that if the page no longer exists every opportunity be taken to offer that user full access to the remainder of the site.

Web users will not spend time discovering every page on a site. Instead, they would want access to the information they most need – fast. Anything that hinders a sites ability to give users this access also hinders its ability to effectively generate revenue.

SEO often helps with this task as users are taken directly to the area of the site that interests them and also encourages users to make use of a particular product.

Acidgreen takes the time to discover your business objectives so that your website visitors become customers. Contact us for further information.

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Conversion Optimisation: Convert more website visitors into sales

The Internet Show is Australia’s leading conference for online retail and payments professionals to learn the latest strategies for turning visitors into customers.

The exhibition features over 50 of Australia’s leading internet solution providers and includes over 50 free seminars on social media, content management, ecommerce and digital advertising and marketing. There are 3 conferences featuring the best Australian case studies on social media, ecommerce and content management and practical clinics on mobile marketing, online video, social media/blogging/viral marketing/user generated content, cloud computing, SEO and internet security.

Mike Larcher, Managing Director of acidgreen, will be speaking at the event on the hot topic ‘How to convert more website visitors into sales‘. With over 10 years experience in ecommerce development and internet marketing Mike will be discussing his 8 steps to online success:

1. Attract the right people

2. Provide a great user experience

3. Display quality copy

4. Provide product reviews

5. Build customer trust

6. Communicate your USP

7. Close the sale

8. Get customers to return

Come listen to Mike talk about conversion optimisation at 12:10 on Thursday 27th October or you can visit acidgreen at stand 27 from 27th – 28th October 2011 at the Sydney Convention Centre, Sydney.

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