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PIM Magento Integration: What you need to know

22 September 2015

PIM Magento Integration: What you need to know



Data management issues are a common struggle with many companies, both small and well established. Whether it’s a result of mergers, acquisitions, buy-outs or simple organic growth, organisations often find difficulty with managing their data in an efficient and effective way. This is where PIM Magento Integration becomes relevant.

Product Information Management or PIM, is a software system that is the complete answer to this problem. With the ability to track real time data about the entire collection and inventory of a company’s products and distribute them to multiple portals such as websites, ERP systems and electronic data feeds, it single-handedly combats organisation issues. Not only is this fundamental to overall customer satisfaction but it also provides an all-inclusive overview of organisational activity and internal operations.

How does it achieve this? PIM systems allow customers to access the most accurate pricing and availability numbers while simultaneously reducing costs related returns, weak customer service and loss of customers and sales due to dissatisfaction. It manages:

  • Marketing data (descriptions, labels, media assets)

  • Users data (comments, rates)

  • Technical data (measures, composition, identifiers)

  • Prices

  • Logistics data

This management is done through collating pre-existing data from sources such as your ERP or suppliers database before allowing you to select the data you wish to integrate into your catalogues and prioritising the different data pools. As a result, your entire business is enriched and strengthened.

So who should use PIM?

Large retailers with a vast array of stock and products will benefit from PIM immensely by increasing bandwidth, reducing manual processes and eliminate data inaccuracies. Despite this, it still may not be the best fit for your company. It’s best to have a thorough overview of your online store, product data, where your product information comes from and what channels you send it to before you agree in investing in a PIM. The following is a good indicator of what retailers would be suitable for the management system:

  • High product SKU count

  • Frequent SKU transition

  • Convoluted fulfilment options

  • Various product information management contributors

  • Challengers associated with getting products to the market

  • Manual data processes’

  • High Cost-per-product setup

  • Data collection from 2 or more channels

  • Cumbersome existing product management structure.

PIM Magento = ?

Notwithstanding the fact that there are many advantages that a PIM system presents to an enterprise, there are challenges to using it, hence why it’s’ good to analyse your business before jumping into the PIM pool. Consider the following:

  • Although PIM systems collect product data and storing it accordingly in a central database, they may not necessarily distribute them to the online sites you may need.

  • PIM Magento

    Integration with the well-known e-commerce platform and some of the more popular PIM systems can be an overwhelming task. Without the proper integration tools and know how, your company may have to rely on transferring pricing and other product information by hand.


Boost Sales

With the PIM Magento integration, you create a more pleasurable shopping and purchasing experiencing for your customers when you incorporate this to your ecommerce magento website. As this should be a relatively high priority for your business, this is a definite positive point. This time saving process paired with greater customer satisfaction logically leads to more repeat customers and an increase in loyal buyers.

Greater Product Information Accessibility

There’s nothing worse than having old information still on display, leaving customers confused as to why they are being told differently by your sales and customers service representatives. With this integration, your customers will have access to real time information about your products and services, as well as your staff being properly informed with updated data. This will strengthen customer interaction and breed an environment for customer loyalty.

Organisational efficiency

A well oiled company would possess a strong and organised internal system in order to make sure that the business output comes off as neat and professional. An integrated PIM Magento system allows an enterprise-wide perspective that achieves a greater recognition of organisational weakness and points of improvement. Your company does not need to reply on two sets of parameters between in-store and online distribution channels. As sales increase, products also accelerate through the sales pipeline.

Increase in successful marketing

Having update information, especially the most current pricing information is crucial and allows your marketing personnel to utilise the more powerful search engine optimisation and PR campaigns and other tools with accurate data. This limits disappointment and confusion in customers and facilitates sales conversions.


  • Pimcore

    - The head of the e-commerce industry, Pimcore established the very first PHP open source PIM application framework on the market. It's PIM system utilises web services and content integration technologies to organise product and service information before distributing it to

    and other e-commerce platforms. This system is highly recommended.

  • Infomatica

    - Infomatica PIM provides retailers, distributors and manufacturers with an end-to-end transparent process along the product information chain supply. This then provides an effective data management and integration for your company, benefiting your sales and customer service satisfaction.

  • Akeano 

    - Relatively new to the product content management industry, Akeano is an open-source PIM solution created with merchants for merchants and appropriately designed for non technical users. This system is especially favourable for those who lack strong technical capabilities but still would like to create, enrich and maintain consistent product data management.


Acidgreen is a leading magento company in Sydney and an official Magento Solution Partner with proven experience successfully delivering the Magento Enterprise Edition. With over 15 years of e-commerce experience, acidgreen has the knowledge and expertise to create webstores that generate the highest amount of conversion rates and provide the best ROI. For more information on PIM integration or how to get started with us, contact acidgreen today!

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