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2017 Sees The PIM Market Set To Grow Astronomically

The global increase of ecommerce has led to some astounding advancements in the PIM (Product Information Management) market.

This market started to gain speed back in 2003, and has only grown in recent years. Now, as consumers continue to turn away from physical stores and towards online sellers, the need for product information management has become ever more urgent.

Thus, having reached 5.1 billion USD in 2016, the PIM market is predicted to increase in growth through the next five years.



What is PIM / Product Information Management?

As the name suggests, Product Information Management (PIM) means storing information about products. With online marketplaces becoming more and more popular, information about each individual product must be clear to the consumer. Such information as price, category and product name are all essential.

PIM allows for all the information about each product to be stored in only one location. This allows easier management for online stores selling thousands of products to their customers. PIM systems allow for multi-lingual data to be used across different geographic locations and in different ways.

Reasons for Increase

The main reason for the increase of the PIM market has been due to the increased demand for cloud-based solutions in information storage. With master-data in the cloud, essential business functions can be performed much quicker, and product information is consistent across different platforms.

A company that sells online, on mobile, and in printed catalogs must have a consistent view of the product information. Big internet selling companies that work with different suppliers, in different countries, with different price lists and multiple promotions must have a way to manage all of that information.

Another reason for increase is that more detailed information is more often in demand, both from consumers and from governments.

Consumers wish to see the most detailed information of the product or service before they buy, thus being able to compare specifications between different products and make a decision.

In many places, legal requirements also make it necessary for companies to store more detailed information about each of their products.

These legal requirements are actually a challenge for the PIM market. Since different governments have different regulations or policies to consider, the way that the information is handled or what exactly is stored can change across borders.

North America Leads the Way

The continent of North America has led the way when it comes to the PIM Market. The constant demand in the United States and Canada has proved essential to the increase of the PIM market itself.

Also, adaptation to new technologies has made it easier for the PIM market to grow in this area, making the integration of big data possible within Product Information Management systems.

Market Predictions

Reports show that the PIM market is on an uphill curve, and there are predictions of substantial increase over the next five years.

From 5.1 billion USD last year, predictions have been made that the PIM market will increase to over 15.7 billion USD by 2021. Thus, the estimated CAGR is about 25%. This incredible increase means that the Product Information Management Market is truly reaching its potential, providing necessary solutions to businesses around the world.

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acidgreen: Your Certified Premier Google Partner

Recently, acidgreen received our Premier Google Partner Badge and Certificate for 2017 in the mail. So, as a premier digital marketing agency, we thought we’d go through the steps it took us to get here, and why it is so important to have experts handling your digital marketing, ongoing.


google partner 4


Receiving a Premier Google Partner Badge essentially means that Google recognises acidgreen as an AdWord certified partner. However, what sets a Premier Partner apart from your standard Partner, is the spend requirements that need to be met from month to month, as well as additional certifications and performance requirements.

google partner acidgreen
acidgreen’s Digital Marketing Manager, Mark Binns featured with our Google Premier Partner Badge, 2017.

The Google AdWords Certifications fall under five categories:

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising

What Does It Mean For You?

Google Premier Partners are frequently invited to exclusive Google events and training programs that enable agencies access to different levels of training and support. Above this, acidgreen regularly schedule one on ones with our Google Account Manager to talk strategy and optimisation logistics for our clients. These unique opportunities then allow us to pass on our acquired knowledge to our clients personally – knowledge that is not accessed anywhere else.

Why You Need AdWords

It’s no hidden secret that digital marketing is a far cheaper solution than that of the traditional kind. But the advantages don’t just end there. That’s why it is used by thousands of small, medium and large organisations all over the world.

PPC and online marketing in general has a staggering 54% rate of generating successful leads.

Okay… but why else?

google partner 2

Because these organisations are smart enough to realise that by advertising on search engines such as Google, they are tapping into a gargantuan number of people who search for products, information and services online every single damn second of the day. 

Google’s share of the global digital advertising market was at 31.1% in 2016, and that number was even higher for mobiles; 40.5%.

Advertising on the digital scope – and more specifically, Google, with a professional Google Partner has direct potential to lead consumers who are looking exactly for your product/service right to your site. This has a two fold advantage: it increases brand awareness across a much larger audience (of your choice) and will substantially increase your conversions and ROI.

What’s more: You choose who, what and when to optimise your ads to.

Maybe you’re a B2B and you don’t really make much revenue over the weekend. That’s easy, just schedule your AdWords campaigns not to show after business hours.

Maybe you’re a B2C ecommerce apparel store and you’re appealing to the younger demographic who like to spend 23 hours of the day scrolling through their smartphones. Fine, that’s easy, too. You’d benefit by optimising for mobile searches over that of desktop and tablet.

You Control Your Costs

Unlike other forms of marketing, using AdWords allows you to control your advertising costs. And a Premier Google Partner has the experience to tell you exactly what you should be spending for your individual business. Each campaign that is setup within your account is controlled by a set budget of your choice. And what’s even better? There’s no limit to that budget. If you’re just testing the waters, start small… then start raising the price as your leads start to grow, and trust me, they will grow.

According to a report produced by Moz, up to 80% of search results now contain AdWords ad placements, whether that be a text ad, display ad or product/shopping ad. Moreover, these ads cover 85% of the space on a singular search page. That’s a huge number when you’re considering attaining a larger audience.

Collaborate With Your SEO

SEO is amazing. We all know that. What isn’t so amazing, however, is the time it can take for any of your optimisation tactics to come into place. In fact, you may not see your organic rank move up for months. That’s why PPC platforms such as Google AdWords is a good resolution. The rewards are immediate and your ads can be paused at any time.

google partner 1

SEO Benefits

Being a Premier Google Partner not only means we can assist you with your PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, but we can also provide you with outstanding tips and information that will help to boost your online SEO, too.

It’s commonly understood that Google’s algorithm is top secret and ever-changing, but gaining first-hand insider insights is definitely a substantial benefit. As established digital marketing professionals, we’ll help you maximise your SEO and guide you in increasing your online conversions .

Click here to find out more about our Conversion Optimisation tips.

Give Us A Call, Your Premier Google Partner, Today

If you’re not already maximising your online marketing strategy to its fullest potential, then you’re doing a great disservice to your business. In 2017, companies can no longer excuse themselves from the digital space – it’s where the future is and it’s where the opportunities will continue to grow and essentially, remain. Additionally, reaching out to the professionals to assist you in performing the best digital marketing practices is ideal – you’ll only be opening more doors and more prospects for the future.

acidgreen is an award winning e-commerce agency  specialising in Magento, Shopify Plus and digital marketing with over 15 years of  industry experience. Our certified developers and digital marketers are highly qualified to create aesthetically pleasing Magento and Shopify Plus websites that generate the highest amount of conversions and provide the best ROI. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, or give us a call to learn more about our services.




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Warning: You’re Losing Money By Not Using Magento 2 OneStepCheckout

Did you know, a simple and efficient one step checkout page has the capacity to increase your conversion rate by at least 30%?

That’s why the Magento 2 OneStepCheckout extension is an absolute gold mine for ecommerce retailers. Basically, this extension structurally organises all the necessary checkout fields onto one single page. This means not having to click ‘back’ or ‘next’ if your customers realise they’ve made a mistake; they don’t have to restart the entire process. This essentially decreases wait time to 0% and boosts sales by up to 60%. Now that’s some pretty impressive statistics.

onestepcheckout 5

Before we get into more detail about M2’s latest extension, let’s review why the checkout experience is so important…

Customers no longer expect to be treated well. They demand it! This is how M2 introduces the importance of customer value in the mix. Ensuring your site has the same customer feel from beginning to end; aka the moment they land on your page, to the moment they receive a confirmation of their order, is vital. Ecommerce retailers must have a flawlessly consistent website design. Every little detail counts… a simple change in font could throw a customer off and destroy the user experience.

In fact, past experiences have shown us that the first page checkout is where we see the largest number of drop-offs in the checkout funnel. The nit and grit of a ‘sign-in’ barrier, commanding customers to recall which email (out of half a dozen) they decided to create an account with 6 months ago, and then commence the arduous journey of figuring out its corresponding password – that’s a whole lot of potential (and likely) frustration!

There comes a point where over customising your checkout page will become of detriment to your ecommerce store. Nobody likes a complex, hard to follow layout. There’s a good reason why the saying, ‘less is more’ is so popular.

“Studies have shown that the top 3 reasons for cart abandonment are around unexpected costs, site speed and checkout form complexity. That’s why we got overwhelming responses from merchants when we came up with the original OneStepCheckout back in the early days of Magento. With Magento 2, native checkout has been simplified to just 2 steps instead of 6. However surprises can still happen after the two steps and most importantly we have found over the last 7 years dealing exclusively with checkout for Magento that each merchant needs a different checkout: registration type, fields placements, country specific legal requirements, payment provider and third party compatibility etc… That’s why our upcoming OneStepCheckout extension for Magento 2 will be extremely modular and allow merchants to shape the checkout that they want with minimal development skills and resources,” states Thien-Lan Weber, CMO of OneStepCheckout.

The M2 Checkout Experience is estimated to perform 50% faster page loads as well as 38% faster checkout process. This means a substantial decrease in cart abandonment with a pleasing increase in customer retention.

Guest Checkout Improvements

Simple customizations such as allowing customers to ‘check-out as guest’ ensures a quicker buying process. While this was already an option in Magento 1, it was far more complex. And what have we already discovered about complex interfaces? They don’t work. These extra steps created an impediment and elongation of the conversion process. The Magento 2 extension is far less clustered and you’re offered far less choices. That means greater customer enjoyment.

OneStepCheckout Magento 2

Internal Payment Gateway

The new M2 checkout experience features an internal payment gateway that supports over 60 payment methods, including (but not limited to):

  • Credit Card,
  • Credit Card Direct Post,
  • PayPal Credit
  • PayPal Express Checkout Payflow Edition
  • Check/Money order
  • Braintree

Customers are no longer dragged over to an unknown third party site and moreover, are not left feeling anxious or worried about the security of their personal information.

This information is also arranged logically in a linear timeline. After following, ‘add to cart’, customers seamlessly navigate through the fundamental steps:

  1. Billing Address
  2. Shipping Address
  3. Shipping Method
  4. Payment Method
  5. Order Review

User-Friendly Customization

The new M2 friendly extension also means more flexibility for customization. Store administrators have large reign for design. While you will be limited to the one page, you (the online retailer) are in control of the layout and appearance ie. the number of columns you choose to display (1,2 or 3) as well as the look and feel of the checkout page.

Retailers can now include interactive customizations such as Gift Message attributes, which allow product items to be sent to the exact shipping address along with a personalised message. You can also select a Gift Wrap option that enables customers to select whether or not they wish the product be gift wrapped. The additional fee is then automatically added to the order total.

If you’re just after a simple comment box, that’s easy too. Installing this enables customers to include specific requests regarding delivery and drop off etc. The Magento 2 OneStepCheckout also has a user-friendly coupon code system. A helpful way to encourage more online purchases.

Mobile Optimisation

The great thing about a OneStepCheckout extension on Magento 2, is its mobile friendly design. As it has been for the last three years, mobile growth will continue to expand, and we will see a 6% rise in ecommerce consumers. If your website still isn’t optimised for mobile, (dare I ask, how have you survived?) then now is the time to do so. Push has well and truly come to shove, and it’s not a choice that needs second thoughts; having a mobile designed store front is necessary for your eCommerce site to succeed.

onestepcheckout 2

In 2015, it was reported that companies who did optimize their mobile website consumer experience increased their annual revenue by 157%. Optimising your website and installing extensions such as One Step Checkout are sure fire ways to ensure you’re not left behind.

Another multi-device benefit: Magento 2 OneStepCheckout decreases data usage and prevents people from having to wait around for yet… another page load. It shows the required information very clearly and simply, on all platforms.


Due to the installation of Ajax Loading Technology, auto-updates are quick and seamless; customers can change any information without waiting around for page reloads. It also means a simple way of tracking the entire checkout process.

So, Why Choose OneStepCheckout?

The new Magento 2 OneStepCheckout extension makes the customer process a whole lot simpler and more efficient. The user-friendly extension allows retailers to be in more control of the layout and overall experience. In turn, this allows the customer to be in more control of their purchases as they navigate their way through an easy and effective design. If you’re weighing down the options and want to know the best ways to optimise your ecommerce website, be sure to take the time to process all considerations. These Magento 2 upgraded features promises a friendlier experience and an extension such as the OneStepCheckout will only take your site to the next level.

acidgreen is an award winning e-commerce agency  specialising in Magento, Shopify Plus and digital marketing with over 15 years of  industry experience. Our certified developers and digital marketers are highly qualified to create aesthetically pleasing Magento and Shopify Plus websites that generate the highest amount of conversions and provide the best ROI. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, or give us a call to learn more about our services.