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Magento ERP: your step-be-step guide

15 September 2015

Magento ERP: your step-be-step guide


Magento ERP integration

The Magento eCommerce platform has been undeniably unique due to its unmatchable level of superiority in the retail world. However any online company that possess Magento as its web development platform can face the issue of integration with Enterprise Resource software, or ERP. Since it's role involves the process of tracking inventory of a business and its changes it thus must be integrated with the platform where online sales take place. This is imperative as the manual input of date between the two platforms is simply not possibly after a certain level of growth, where the data becomes bigger, complex and more difficult to handle. Therefore the process of Magento ERP integration needs to have definite goals or areas to consider, such as the following below:

1. Understanding the order management process

The initial step in the Magento ERP integration is to understand the workflow of the Magento Commerce website. The integration process requires complete understanding of how and what product data is currently organised as part of the Magento platform structure. These factors include features such as product and product types, attribute sets, and other data that is supposed to be passed along to the ERP system from Magento.

2. Understanding the specific ERP system

ERP systems operate differently from each other. The parameters as well as settings are different, hence is it essential to understand the ERP system in use at your own enterprise. Lack of operational knowledge or understanding of this system could prove to be very harmful to the health of the Magento-ERP integrated system in the long run.

3. Which data should flow between ERP & Magento

It's imperative to establish which data should be passed back and forth between the ERP system and the Magento websites. The following options require to be understood:

• How often should the data pass between the two platforms • What types of data should be passed • Should it be a two-way data stream or a one-way process

A popular choice is adopting the middle path, which means that it becomes necessary for the company to compromise on the situation by taking into consideration the company need and currently financial limitations. In addition, the data that passes between the two systems includes orders, shipments, inventory and other such data.

4. Fix an appropriate budget

Budget is always an important aspect to any business. The budget set for integration between ERP and Magento must be deliberated in conjuncture to deciding whether the integration is to be automated or manual. These particular factors will significantly impact the time required for the completion of the integration project - this could vary between a few weeks to a few months depending on its complexity.

5.  Custom, Standard or Tailored - Choose the best Magento ERP integration solution for you:

In any Magento ERP integration, there are two main options available; a pre-built connector offered by companies such as Logic Broker, or building a custom connection from scratch. However a third option also exists - the tailored option of Magento integration, which contains elements from the previous two. In this scenario, a business can leverage the pre-built solution and conjugate them with the option of tailoring the integration process and its behaviour. Which ever decision it may be, every business needs choose the option that best suits the company's best interest.

Understanding the right process for your company's Magento ERP Integration can be difficult and it's important to make sure you are aware of all the necessary e-commerce system elements to make the right judgement. By taking the above points into consideration, it can strengthen the likelihood of success.

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