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Magento Web Development Company: Choosing the right one

10 March 2016

Magento Web Development Company: Choosing the right one


Magento Ecommerce

The digital age taking over has meant that eCommerce has become the driving force of the business nation. Heavy statistical evidence show a growing number of customers shifting to the internet being their primary shopping location. If your business isn't already online, you risk missing out on potential sales and profit ramifications. However the only thing worse thing than having no business website, is having a poor business website. It's therefore imperative that unless you are highly experienced at IT and web development, to seek out professionals to assist you in creating the best online platform for your business. And since Magento is one of the world's leading eCommerce platforms and is guaranteed to provide with the best shopping experience, it's only common sense to find a Magento web development company to partner with.

Factors to consider before hiring a Magento web development company:

The right Magento web development company can mean the difference between success and failure. Here are a few essential characteristics that you need to take into consideration during your decision:

Company's experience in Magento development

Looking at the length of the developer's Magento partnership, their track record and client list is a good place to start when discerning their skills and competence levels. Generally speaking, they are deemed magento experts given that the longer they've been in business, the more time they've had to grow as a company, expand their expertise and overcome a multitude of challenges and obstacles different web design projects have presented to them.

Knowledge of the E-Commerce industry

Good web developers can build a magento online store. Great web developers know their particular market niche and reflect certain industry elements or trends into their work. By asking for projects they have completed so far, as well as client testimonials, you can see for yourself the quality of their work by looking from the outside in. Focusing on elements you'd like to see in your own website such as the landing page, item categorisation, and the check-out process will allow you to immediately make a judgement on whether you'd like to work with them. Experienced Magento web development companies would have put their staff through the necessary training for the eCommerce industry.

Search Engine Optimisation

It is absolutely crucial for your website to be SEO friendly in order to make sure that your website stands a chance at being recognised on the internet. The chosen developer must know how to carry out Magento development using SEO tips and techniques in order to help your site achieve a good organic and paid search engine rankings. For high smartphone rankings, high responsiveness and scalability should be one of their main priorities while designing your ecommerce website. Even if they rank high on search engines, if their magento website is too slow, users will opt out instantaneously.

 Good Communication

The ability to communicate and have a strong fluency in English is paramount to making sure the company you work with understands your needs, preferences, keep a regular update schedule on progression and delivery high quality results. This is also important for relationship building - if you're going to be working closely with them you should at least get along on a friendly corporate level.  This factor needs to especially be prioritised when hiring a Magento web development company from overseas - that said, the Philippines is always a good place to start as they are renowned for their strong English background, impeccable work ethic and attractive westernised culture.

Post Development Support

The role of a Magento web design company should not end after your online magento store is deployed. Post-development support from the developed is necessary to make sure your website does not experience any malfunctions and technical problems. On going maintenance services, new version upgrades and the addition of fresh features should be available to you.


Acidgreen is an award winning Magento Australia company with over 15 years of  e-commerce experience. Our certified magento developers and designers are highly qualified to create aesthetically pleasing magento websites – that generate the highest amount of conversions and provide the best ROI. For more information on our magento enterprise and commerce expertise and how to get started with Acidgreen’s magento design and development services, contact us today.

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