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  • 27 September 2023
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Brickworks Re-Plaforming Project is Live!


Brickworks Re-Plaforming Project is Live!

We are excited to announce the successful completion of the Brickworks branded website re-platforming project!

📣 ✨ We are excited to announce the successful completion of the Brickworks Building Products branded website re-platforming project! 🧱 🚀 A year-long endeavor that culminated in the development and deployment of eight websites 🔥 on the Adobe Commerce Magento Enterprise platform, with the product content being powered by Akeneo: The Product Experience Company PIM Enterprise Edition and Widen, an Acquia company DAM. This ambitious journey, characterized by three pivotal go-live phases covering all lines of business i.e. Bricks, Masonry, and Roofing, reached its triumphant conclusion this month.   🎯 Meeting intricate requirements, we tackled the challenge of displaying product variants with varying prices based on user location using the Akeneo Connector for Adobe Commerce. It seamlessly synchronized product metadata, categories, attributes, and location-specific pricing on Magento across websites and regions.   StrikeTru, Akeneo’s Solution Partner, played a crucial role, leading the Akeneo PIM implementation project and designing a robust data model 💪. Additionally, they integrated Acquia Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Akeneo Product Information Management (PIM), enhancing the visual experience by seamlessly managing digital assets, including brand assets, category assets, range assets, and product assets.   🙌 We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the exceptional team at Brickworks Building Products, skilfully led by Aman B., and the product, marketing and sales teams. Huge thanks to our partners at Adobe for their steadfast support and invaluable guidance. Last but certainly not least, special recognition is due to Striketru for their seamless integration of Akeneo, Widen, Adobe Commerce/Magento, and adept data management on behalf of Brickworks.   We take immense pride in the final products, confident they will significantly augment Brickworks' capabilities. Cheers to all who contributed to this resounding success! 🎉

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