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Ecommerce Magento tips: How to increase your Magento online store sales

According to Magento, Alexa rankings have suggested that 26% of the world’s top 1mil sites use Ecommerce Magento as their CMS platform for ecommerce needs. However the main problem has shifted from how to attract customers – it’s getting them to stay. Unlike person-to-person interaction, there’s no one to use the power of persuasion and body language to give you a moment of their time and listen to the new stock, the latest range on the market or attempt to make a compelling sales pitch. In order to help you out, here are a few tips to generate a booming business and convert the skeptics into customers who can’t get enough:

Magento online store

Create a simplified check out process

At times, customers abandon their shopping carts because the check out process is too complicated, something which does not accommodate someone who is constantly on the move. Ecommerce Magento‘s one-stop check out extension minimises the information needed from customers and prioritises the transaction instead, thus helping reduce the number of abandonment issues and increases the buyer success rate.

Have an online wishlist

This caters for people who do not have the funds but are more than interested in making a transaction at a later date. It is crucial to pay attention to these people. Not only does it alert the store to what kind of products are popular (and to make sure there is stock available), but it also opens up a gateway to boost sales: by offering a “Share to Social Media” button that shares the wishlist with the customer’s friends and family. This is particularly beneficial for holiday seasons, anniversaries and birthdays, much like your age-old registry, but online!

Multi-lingual and Geo-targeting

It’s important to understand that international customers is part of your buyer pool and abandoning their needs is a dangerous choice as you could potentially lose a huge percentage of sales. It is thus advisable that your store caters for the dialect of the geographic region they are browsing from by setting up multiple sites with their currency and language already set up. Ecommerce Magento can geographically pin them based on their internet addresses and redirect them to the appropriate site automatically.

Responsive design

With smartphones becoming more powerful with each update, you can do almost anything on them: which includes shopping. Customers especially on the go will want to access your website from a variety of devices and your store should therefore be correctly displayed according to the parameters of the screen. The Magento online store features a responsive and scalable design that can adapt to any device the store is being accessed from, which keeps your smooth customer experience happening regardless of where they’re shopping from and prevents them from exiting the website out of browsing difficulty. Lets face it – no one wants to keep zooming in every time the browser refreshes.

Keep it Simple

Your number one goal is to make sure the customer leaves with a transaction, so make sure that is also your website’s primary goal. Try and avoid huge fancy layouts and keep your priority on displaying your products as neatly as possible. Magento offers an array of customisable skins to cater to your company’s image and vision.

For additional information on how to attract more traffic and revenue to your website, feel free to check out our post on some SEO Magento tips which can help increase your company profit.

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Magento 2.0 leads the way for the Anticipatory magento e-commerce decade

magento e-commerce

Hitting the final “Purchase” button is every e-commerce vendor’s goal.

It’s this goal that motivates almost every dollar invested into ecommerce and advertising. We are just beginning and era where the Internet is evolving rapidly, and there is now a multitude of ways to capture the attention of your target audience. The most recommended one is choosing the right platform to showcase your online merchandise. With Magento 2.0 being unveiled to equip merchants to keep up with a consumer’s digital demands, it’s quickly becoming an e-commerce platform favourite.

Magento 2.0 was built on the existing CMS open source architecture, where the features were tweaked in response to the everyday consumer’s need to accommodate immediacy and time-stricken schedules.

“We took the stuff that was added by users on along the way and integrated into the Magento 2.0 platform and it’s now table stakes, rather than additional options,” says Mark Lavelle, Magento Commerce CEO. “It’s a fairly extensive re-architecting of what made Magento successful in the early days.”

One beneficial change was that Magento was equipped with a scalable and responsive design to allow the website to operate on both desktop and smartphone screens. This involved making sure the merchant’s magento website was compatible for any screen size, ultimately saying goodbye to the days when painful zooming was required.

“The way you win ecommerce in the present day is to be able to delight the customer. Have what they want, whether it’s on an app, on a website, and get them the way they want it.”

Technology has become an intrinsic part of society, where it’s an all time necessity for your business to exist digitally to avoid being made obsolete. Although this strategy has proven to boost overall sales and profits, it comes with a huge asterisk: first impressions count. More than often, when a customer stumbles upon an ecommerce merchant, their initial impression can either make or break the chance that they will leave with a purchase and/or be a recurring customer. What this means is making sure that the moment a customer is introduced to your website, factors including aesthetics, high-class shopping experience and their ability to find what they need is impeccable. Magento 2.0 accommodates for this need for rich flawlessness, characterised by it’s ability to give customers an ideal shopping experience and the buyer success rate merchants are looking for.

The next decade of magento e-commece for retailers is knowing customers better than they know themselves, Lavelle said.

“I really think we are going to move beyond the structural inhibitors of engaging the customer… it’s now knowing the customer so well, that you’re actually providing things to him or her before they realise what they want,”

“Or for a lack of a better term, anticipatory commerce.”


Acidgreen is an award winning magento company and one of the first official Magento Partners  with proven experience – successfully delivering the Magento Enterprise Edition. With over 15 years e-commerce experience, our certified magento developers are highly qualified to create web stores that generate the highest amount of conversions and provide the best ROI. For more information on Magneto Australia services and how to get started with Acidgreen, contact us today.

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Cracking the Algorithm code: Optimizing Magento for Organic Rankings

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.05.41 am

acidgreen once again presented at the 2015 Magento Live Australia Conference held in Sydney on optimising Magento to help organic rankings. The presentation covered Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithms, user intent, mobile friendliness and site speed, and how all these differing elements are used to configure Magento to maximise your website’s Google rank. Our client Paddy Pallin was used as a prime example, where it was explained in detail how Magento was utilised to help this particular e-commerce store with their online traffic and sales.

To view the presentation, click here [Youtube].

For more information on Magento and how to boost organic rankings on your e-commerce store, contact us today.