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Migrating high volume traffic Online Stores to Magento Enterprise

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acidgreen recently presented at MagentoLive in Sydney on how to migrate high volume traffic Online Stores to Magento Enterprise. The presentation covered the benefits of re-platforming, why Magento is the smart choice, the process we followed with our Case Study success story “Princess Polly”, some of the challenges we faced (and how we overcame them), and why selecting the right hosting partner matters.

To view the presentation click here (youtube)

For more information on migrating your high volume traffic store to Magento please contact us.


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Top 10 Reasons For Choosing Magento

Top 10 Reasons For Choosing Magento Over Other Web Platforms:

1. Open Source. The Magento Community Edition is FREE (no license cost). There is complete flexibility so that programmers can customise / extend the code to fit business needs and requirements. What is the difference between Magento Community and Magento Enterprise?

2. E-commerce functionality. Magento has a huge amount of built-in eCommerce features (more than any of it’s open source competitors) such as promotional pricing, newsletter management, multi-language support, virtual products, layered navigation, personalized products, etc.

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 3. Scalable. If you are a small business or a new enterprise you can opt to start with a relatively basic community install and upgrade to Enterprise as your business grows. Of course there is work involved in the upgrade, but the point is that Magento is a scalable solution that anyone can use (no matter how small or large)

4. Build multiple stores in one site setup. The platform supports multi-store and multi setups from the same backend. Each store can be configured to have its own product catalogue, yet can be managed from the same admin dashboard. This saves businesses a lot of time, money and effort for the long term.

5. High performance and reliable. Mainly because it is open source (not a proprietary cloud solution), Magento can be configured and setup for high performance Ecommerce on customised infrastructure with your hosting provider of choice. You need to ensure you work with a Magento Partner for your code optimisation and hosting management.

6. Third party software integration. Magento Connect is the world’s largest eCommerce application marketplace. Magento easily integrates with third party programs and software that are vital to your business. There are extensions and solutions available for integrating your site with Google Analytics, Google Shopping, Ebay, and Paypal. The platform can also integrate with CMS platforms like WordPress.

7. SEO friendly on category and product level. Magento is a perfect platform to use for online marketing and SEO as you can configure it to comply with SEO best practices. You can structure meta tags, XML sitemaps, nofollow and noindex commands, pagination, often through the admin dashboard without having to do server side changes.

8. Mobile and desktop friendly. There are literally thousands of professional Responsive themes available for Magento. If you are looking for a custom solution, you can develop your own Responsive theme and seamlessly implement on your site setup.

9. Lots of certified developers. Magento offers a Developer Certification program which has become a standard qualification within the industry. All you have to do is find certified developers and partners who can help take your requirements and turn them into a full-blown E-commerce site.

10. Security is priority. Magento (an eBay Company) has a full time team of security professionals and the Magento Enterprise edition includes a Secure Payment Bridge which helps you achieve PCI compliance.

Acidgreen is a full service digital agency that offers Magento website development, mobile and responsive design, SEO, user experience design, and many other services. Just contact us today and we will send you a free quote for your unique business needs.

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Magento Ecommerce – The Best Magento Website Developers

Magento is the most popular ecommerce platform in the world and powers over 26% of all online stores in the Alexa top 1 million sites list. In Australia, 45% of online retail sites use Magento to power their online stores. This is because of the tremendous features available within the platform, such as Multi-site functionality, advanced SEO, filtered product catalogue, and a practically endless suite of extensions.

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Magento is not the cheapest approach though and requires highly skilled developers to deliver a successful store. You really need to find The Best Magento Website Developers to ensure your store is fast, stable, reliable and converts visitors into sales. The Best Magento Website Developers will be Magento Certified and working with a leading Magento Partner Agency that specialises in Magento.

Here are some qualities that you should look for when finding The Best Magento Website Developers:

1. Advanced skills in PHP, HTML and CSS.
Because the Magento backend is powered by these standard programming languages, you should make sure that the Website Developers you hire have top level experience with them. This way, your site can be quality checked not just from a visual point of view but also from a coding perspective.

2. Magento certification.
Any Website Developers who are serious about Magento will be Magento Certified. This shows their dedication, qualification and commitment to Magento and proven understanding around the intricate details of the structure of Magento and best practices of development.

3. Knowledge of e-commerce processes.
Your Website Developers should be knowledgeable about things like SSL certificates, Payment Gateways, Shipping, Inventory Management, and built-in modules (such private sales, wholesale pricing, gift vouchers and much more).

4. Magento Solution Specialist.
A Magento Solution Specialist is an expert user of the Magento ecommerce platform and they can efficiently align business objectives with Magento functionality, optimise use of native features, and avoid unnecessary customisation.

Acidgreen is a leading Magento Partner in Sydney that specialises in Magento ecommerce. Their developers have been recognised as some of The Best Magento Website Developers in Australia and they have delivered online stores for some of the leading retailers such as Bing Lee, Paddy Pallin, Costumebox, and D-Link.

To see how you can work with The Best Magento Website Developers today, contact acidgreen now.