We believe your brand is more than just a logo or a funky website. It is the fundamental expression of who you are.

Logo Design & Corporate Identity

To establish a strong corporate identity and effectively market your business to potential customers you need a professional and memorable company logo design.

We have been providing professional logo design for over 10 years. If you choose acidgreen you’ll be working with a logo design company that is stable, reliable and dependable — a business you can count on for years to come.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity (sometimes referred to as Brand Identity) is the distinctive characteristics or personality of an organisation, including business culture, values, and philosophy as perceived by those within the organisation and presented to those outside. It is expressed through the name, symbols, and logos used by the organisation, and the design of communication materials, and is a key factor in influencing the image of an organisation.

In order to maintain a strong corporate identity, it’s paramount to establish a set of guidelines outlining the style, behavior, products, brands, and often reflects the mission statement of the organisation. After the visual identity (logo) has been completed, we’ll create a brand guidelines document. This provides you with detailed instructions on how to correctly implement your new identity across all marketing material.

Company Logo Design

The ideal company logo design needs to inspire your emotions, stimulate your visual appeal, create immediate confidence, and etch itself into your memory. Your logo design is an artwork. Your corporate identity has just a few seconds to impress prospects with your brand. Your company logo design is priceless. Your corporate logo design is paramount to your success.

Business Logo Design

We are dedicated to producing exceptional business logo design. We know our logo designers are the best. We are confident they will provide you with a business logo design you will be proud of and that will make your business a success.

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