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Responsive Magento website designs: Why is it necessary?

As a retailer, the success of your business relies on how well your audience accepts your products you put on display. If you take it one step further as a Magento e-Commerce retailer, it also relies on how well you can reach your audience on a digital level. It’s foolish behaviour to not be constantly keeping an eye on the technology trends your audience is experience to adapt quickly. Therefore it’s imperative that your online stores are optimised as responsive Magento website.

responsive magento website design

For a website to be responsive means that the interface can shapeshift it’s design to cater for whatever screen size / design the website is being browsed on. There are many reasons why this is a crucial and necessary feature to have:

Reasons for a responsive Magento website

1. Mobile devices are taking over: The number of visitors viewing websites on varying devices compared to desktop computers is growing. A tremendous 40 – 50% of online traffic is mobile, and as this continued to skyrocket, it’s a lot more important for online retailers to design a store that works well on all mobile devices.

2. Social is mobile: According to a study from ComScore, 55% of social media consumption happens on a mobile device. Therefore people are more likely to view and share content if it’s mobile friendly – if a website isn’t functioning or optimised for a smaller screen, users will simply get frustrated and leave. And since high bounce rates lead to low conversion rates, it’ll reflect poorly on your business.

3. It’s a no from Google: If the above two points weren’t enough to convince you,  Google simply won’t allow it. It’s mobile algorithms, also known as Google Mobilegeddon, can sense that an unresponsive site will lead to unhappy users who will go elsewhere to browse. Therefore, there’s no point displaying a website that will ultimately have a high bounce rate, when there are other Magento responsive websites that are more deserving of the spot.

How to optimise for a responsive Magento website:

In a Magento-sponsored Internet Retailer webinar, guest speaker Forrester Research, Inc. Analyst Mark Grannan stressed that aligning business and development goals will allow you to effectively build your responsive site. Taking time to analyse mobile traffic patterns, device priority lists and review your information and content will have a positive impact on the end design. Consider the following about your customers:

  • What percentage of your site traffic comes through mobile devices? If yours is exceeding 20 – 30% then it’s a good indication to consider optimising for a responsive Magento website.
  • How are your customers accessing your site? Studies suggest trends matter less than the specifics of your site and your customer
  • What devices/browsers does your customer population favour? Keep in mind that responsive Magento website designs are implemented using techniques that are incompatible with older browsers.

going responsive

Going responsive: Tips for a successful creation

Mark Grannan expressed one challenge of a responsive web design is that its single codebase can be very large and slow to load. For an optimal mobile experience, Grannan shared the following advice:

  • Load priority content first and late load (“lazy load”) content below it to create the perception of faster performance, rather than waiting to display content after everything has finished loading.
  • Use server-side technology to deliver or render images appropriately sized for the device.
  • Code your site to reduce the number of round trips back to the server to reduce latency
  • Consider using third party acceleration providers, like CDNs, to optimize performance through a range of technologies and local content caching.

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Ecommerce Magento tips: How to increase your Magento online store sales

According to Magento, Alexa rankings have suggested that 26% of the world’s top 1mil sites use Ecommerce Magento as their CMS platform for ecommerce needs. However the main problem has shifted from how to attract customers – it’s getting them to stay. Unlike person-to-person interaction, there’s no one to use the power of persuasion and body language to give you a moment of their time and listen to the new stock, the latest range on the market or attempt to make a compelling sales pitch. In order to help you out, here are a few tips to generate a booming business and convert the skeptics into customers who can’t get enough:

Magento online store

Create a simplified check out process

At times, customers abandon their shopping carts because the check out process is too complicated, something which does not accommodate someone who is constantly on the move. Ecommerce Magento‘s one-stop check out extension minimises the information needed from customers and prioritises the transaction instead, thus helping reduce the number of abandonment issues and increases the buyer success rate.

Have an online wishlist

This caters for people who do not have the funds but are more than interested in making a transaction at a later date. It is crucial to pay attention to these people. Not only does it alert the store to what kind of products are popular (and to make sure there is stock available), but it also opens up a gateway to boost sales: by offering a “Share to Social Media” button that shares the wishlist with the customer’s friends and family. This is particularly beneficial for holiday seasons, anniversaries and birthdays, much like your age-old registry, but online!

Multi-lingual and Geo-targeting

It’s important to understand that international customers is part of your buyer pool and abandoning their needs is a dangerous choice as you could potentially lose a huge percentage of sales. It is thus advisable that your store caters for the dialect of the geographic region they are browsing from by setting up multiple sites with their currency and language already set up. Ecommerce Magento can geographically pin them based on their internet addresses and redirect them to the appropriate site automatically.

Responsive design

With smartphones becoming more powerful with each update, you can do almost anything on them: which includes shopping. Customers especially on the go will want to access your website from a variety of devices and your store should therefore be correctly displayed according to the parameters of the screen. The Magento online store features a responsive and scalable design that can adapt to any device the store is being accessed from, which keeps your smooth customer experience happening regardless of where they’re shopping from and prevents them from exiting the website out of browsing difficulty. Lets face it – no one wants to keep zooming in every time the browser refreshes.

Keep it Simple

Your number one goal is to make sure the customer leaves with a transaction, so make sure that is also your website’s primary goal. Try and avoid huge fancy layouts and keep your priority on displaying your products as neatly as possible. Magento offers an array of customisable skins to cater to your company’s image and vision.

For additional information on how to attract more traffic and revenue to your website, feel free to check out our post on some SEO Magento tips which can help increase your company profit.

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Magento Mobile Theme: Strongly necessary for your eCommerce websites

It is no secret that we are in the middle of a smartphone revolution, with 7.5 million Australians using the Internet primarily from their smartphone or mobile electronics (Ipads, tablets etc) to complete tasks usually achieved on a computer, such as browsing the news or online shopping. Given this statistics, it is evidently clear that not only do businesses need to make sure that they have a strong virtual presence, but that this presence is maintained on any mobile platform.

Magento mobile

However quite often online companies fail to make sure their website is mobile compatible, resulting in consumers struggling to shop due to a lack of functionality. Without a smartphone counterpart, it may prevent even long-term buyers from accessing your website, thus losing potential sales. In order to maximise profit and customer satisfaction, this issue needs to be dealt with.

The invaluable Magento Mobile Theme extension which you can set-up to your Magento Store can accommodate this mobile electronic epidemic. By utilising the Magento extension, it can provide you with a fluid design appropriate for any mobile device to fit with your current Magento theme website.



Mobile Platform Detection

The Magento mobile theme can automatically detect if a shopper is browsing your website via a non-desktop device and adjust the layout accordingly. This then leaves the consumer with a perfect mobile supported website, where the user can smoothly complete any shopping transactions via a simplified mobile interface.


Easy Navigation

Optimising drop-down menus is a fundamental feature of any successful mobile website design. By cataloging your products vertically specifically for the mobile view, the Magento mobile theme keeps your online shop organised on small screen devices and maximises navigation for your user.


Visual Appeal

Smaller screens don’t necessarily have to mean less aesthetics. The Magento mobile theme extension allows you to configure visual settings, from colour themes to layouts, specifically for your mobile platform. This will ensure that it will tie in nicely with your current Magento website theme.

Magento mobile theme

International Sales Friendly

Accommodating for the growth in international sales, Magento makes sure that there is no need for currency conversion confusion by allowing your customers view your products in their own language and dollar.


Essential Cart and Profile tabs

Although there is limited screen space, the Magento Mobile Theme extension makes sure the crucial components are prioritized. By having separate corner tabs for your customer’s personal profile and shopping cart, accessing their information and pending purchased items is easier and means guaranteed satisfaction.


Responsive promotion strategies

The Magento Mobile Theme extension not only transforms your website into a mobile accessible platform, but it can also assist with promotion strategies. Responsive slideshows with various effects are available to help showcase your products in an effective and appealing manner.

No reloads

In addition to its usability, the Magento extension makes sure there is no hassle of continuous screen reloads. This can be quite efficient in areas such as website search, font increase and instant add-to-cart options as well as horizontal picture sliders to allow your customer to scroll through product images with little difficulty.



As individuals spend more time on their phones, catering to the tech-savvy consumers is essential to corporate adaptation. Businesses need to start acquiring knowledge of their smartphone-influenced audience, gain an understanding of the current mobile market and know how to meet this growing online demand. Comprehending this mobile market is vital to a successful business for the following reasons:


We now live in an on-the-go society.

Modern consumers are now strapped for time between work, study, travel and personal agendas. The convenience of a smart phone allows them to complete tasks regardless of where they are – including online shopping. Neilson Study has revealed that 45% of online sales are made through smartphones, which only further supports the notion of utilising the Magento Mobile Theme extension. In order to keep meeting your sales goals, you must be able to cater for all platforms.


You are targeting a new customer demographic.

Society is electronically driven and in order to allow your company to thrive, you must be able to adapt to these changes. Accessing the Internet is no longer limited to desktop computers and you must account for the possibility some of your consumers may only rely on a mobile electronic to complete their tasks. In order to be able to continue meeting or exceeding sales targets, a mobile theme is necessary.


Financial Viability

Consumer studies have suggested that average orders from smart phones are greater than the average orders from a desktop comptuers. Hence it is imperative for business owners to tailor to this sector. Magento Mobile Themes creates the perfect high-end shopping experience via a smooth and impeccable mobile design, which will only boost online sales.


Aside from our Magento Mobile Theme extension, Acidgreen also provides customizable home page mobile store view, touchscreen gallery with gestures support, multistore support, Magento Enterprise compatibility and more, to ensure the success of your online company. Contact us today.